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  • Deer Blues...

    I have been out quite a bit, and after letting the small 4 pointer passed, nothing has even come close to in range. Still have BUCK FEVER, but have the blues at the same time... LOL
    It will pay off!
    I have passed several lately. And know what you mean. Try to stay patient. If little ones come by, a big one will eventually! I have been making small changes in set ups and trying to think like a deer. Hard work always pays off. Usually, not like you think or imagine. Hang in and just enjoy free time and fresh air.
    Check out report 'Third time is charm' When it rains it pours. You just got to tough it out! Good things happen to those who wait!
    Good Luck your not the only one. LOL
    just be patient,it will happen
    I know exactly what you mean.I have let cow horns and a 6 pointer that I have seen twice on different days go. I am hoping the big daddy will come by to pay me a visit ,lol .
    Lock Down
    It seems like the big bucks have everthing on lock down. Years ago I watched while deer went past out of range until I changed that with a new rifle. Now it's just getting them to come out.

    Hang in there and good luck!
    Thanks Guys
    I will continue to be patient, got to try to find time with the wife & I buying our first home, closed Monday afternoon. So we are painting and cleaning and such...
    Hang in there
    Think about it this way...Sure you can shoot anything you want but to be patient and wait for a Great Buck can and will Pay-Off...You see all the Big Bucks Dead this year and think Dang!! I might as well give up!! I use to think like this but keep in mind... Big Bucks show up dead year after year and they are not yearlings!! So all the Big bucks that are going to show up next year are alive right now!!!! Your time will come BUT you have to be there!!!! Good Luck!!
    Deer #'s
    Dont Give Up!! It Took me An Honest 20 Times Hunting This Season, to get my First deer of the Year. between bow, Eastern muzzleloader and central muzzleloader and Gun. The Deer Just wont doing right. I Talk to a couple Of Guys Sundays when i was picking up Trash and alot of Hunters on Butner-falls havnt had much Luck. Been Alot of Does Begining of Blackpowder, but not many Bucks. Wake county Part of Butner-falls seems to be Doing better as far as deer harvest#'s and deer siteings go, but not so much as to where im at. I Think alot of night time Movment and breeding is going on, i see deer spratikly, but not on a consistant Basis. But Keep Trying, maybe change spots. i may change spots myself in dec, and hit heavy cover and food sources, right now im hunting a funnel between bed and food Source. Good Luck Man Dont go heavy on the doe estrous scent, it will spoke the does, and you need the does around You. Im Just Using CodeRed Buck urine and just alitte Scrapemate on my mock scrapes. seems to be doing the trick, lol at least it works for the litte Bucks.