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  • Advice needed on carrying stand, pack.

    Well, why it seems everyone here is showing pictures of their Pope&Young-Dixie-Classic-winning behemoth bucks, and I'm contemplating whether the 6 pointer seen on my game cam is worth shooting...I've got some questions.. :)

    Seriously, though. Congratulations to all of you with those unreal bucks.

    I bought my first climber this year, and have only used it once, mostly due to the fact that I've hunted some fixed stands a friend has put up on the property we hunt.

    I carried it in, and must not have had it held together properly. The two halves didn't stay together well, I had the loops extended too far so they hung on my calves (and I'm 6'4'), and I was trying to carry a pack in with it, and my rifle of course. By the time I got to my stand site (not 250 yards away, flat land, open trail) I was sweathing like a hog, b/c I'd worn too much in.


    'What do you carry in with you if you are unsure of weather conditions, and don't want to be underdressed? Do you carry a big pack? No pack? How do you manage it with your climber strapped to your back?

    Do you climb the climber with the pack on your back or lift it up later? Two ropes for pulling up pack and weapon?

    Help me be more efficient!
    Patent it. If you figure out! LOL
    You might get to a better looking spot. But if you scare all the deer away getting there clanging and falling down. Seems to me you should hunt closer to the road! LOL. I have been where you are and the only solution is suck it up and quit whining! No seriously!
    I do wait and put my jumpsuit on at my stand. That way you aren't as lathered up. And won't get as cold once you settle into your stand. I bought me two gator slings and took me a bicycle inner tube and cut half inch wide rubber bands to band both together and give cushion between. They don't shift and clang as much. And Slings work good for your shoulders. I strap pack to the side facing away from your back. Sorta like a mountain climbing pack. Kmart sells a cool seat cushion you can put on like a fanny pack to give you cushion between your back and your stand.
    Hope that helps, at least give you some ideas!.
    I have been using climbing sticks and big man strap ons lately. Just as portable and saves cutting limbs.
    I usually like to have as much natural cover as possible and find trees that are one base but two or three trees growing up from it. Climbers to me seem to stick out like a sore thumb, even tho you can pop it up anywhere, anytime and catch deer off guard.
    Also I like to hunt same spot more than once to learn what is going on in a particular area.
    I blow leaves out of trail at lunch time with blower, so you can get in and out quiet.
    I like bright eyes if I find a tree for climber I like. That way you can find it in the dark. Can't tell you how many times I put stand on the wrong tree and deer came up behind me or something. I like to hunt where two types of cover come together. Say a pine thicket and a hardwood section. Think like a deer. Hunt near the thickest spots, especially when there is a lot of hunters around.
    Oh yeah! Trail cams work best if you don't bait the same spots. Move bait pile and cam together. Deer figure you out if you keep baiting same spot. And avoid it like the plague! Good luck and remember , It is hard to find a needle in a haystack, if you knock it deeper while looking. ;}
    Red lense for light
    And I make my rope twice as long. Tie gun to one end and pack to other.
    for what it's worth
    Not sure if yours is like mine but when you are putting together a viper - you put the topsection on the ground, as you're putting the bottom section on top of that you pull the backrest part of the seat thru the hole closest to the tree teeth. You can put your pack on the stand and then use the bungees on the seat to secure your pack between the seat and the stand. Hope that makes sense - I'll try to take pics of mine sometime.
    I have two packs - a fanny pack style with bottle holder on the side and a small back pack style with a bottle holder on each side. The fanny pack is part of a backpack set - it attaches to the backpack so you can use it with or without the backpack. I use those snap connections to attach it to the side rail of my stand when I climb. The small backpack (not the one mentioned above) I rigged it so I can attach it to the side rails. I take the fanny pack occasionally for shorter hunts and I take the small backpack for most of my hunts.
    I take a water bottle, an empty gatorade bottle to pee in, couple rags, knife, limb saw, latex gloves, gloves, tobogan, thin camo bacalava, camera, 6' of 3/8' rope, a couple screw in hooks, grunt tube, rattle bag, Lewis and Lewis Strapper gear retriever, led headlight (lights red and clear) and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. Check out the Lewis and Lewis Stapper - I love that thing - I attach a loose zip tie (not taut) to my stand and hook the strapper on that. Seems like a lot of stuff but I'd rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it. LOL
    With the weather like it is now you have to layer and shed thru the day. Allow extra time to go slower or even stop for a few minutes to reduce getting heated up. If you know where you want to set up - I like to move and set my stands on Sunday.
    Hope this helps and I'll try to get some pics - they'll probably help to show what I'm trying to describe.
    Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I didn't mean to sound like a whiner! I actually was trying to be funnny, at least during the first bit...

    I'm always looking for advice from the experienced guys - so here I came. I'm doing alright, and I'll probably learn the most as I go along. It's just when you are on limited time (we all are I know), you want to make the best of it.

    I'll get my 'system' nailed down sooner or later. Probably just in time (pardon the pun, justintime) to change it again.

    Hey hawkman, How you doing...I do what Justin does but can't when I use the Surround Seat..The sides wont let it work that way...I tell ya...I purchased the Summit back-Pack straps and they are 110% better than the plain cutting into your shoulder straps and I like mine as High as I can get it on my back...GOOD LUCK
    I have two Summit viper's. They stack one in the other. My 2004 Viperx4 I have retro fitted to the surround seat and a drop down blind and camera mount and I have no problem with it. I actually carry and big back pack with a limb saw, extra release, 2 bow hooks, extra clothes, bino's, 3 or 4 bottles of water, snacks, tree umbrella. I tie the pack to the climber, carry a fanny pack with more equipment and then carry my bow or gun. I did add some padded straps to the ones that it comes with. I'm 51 years old and will pack that thing a mile in and have done it many times. I always tell my wife ....if I have my fanny pack and my backpack.....I'll survive in the woods at least a!

    The Summit Viper is Aluminum and fairly light weight. I do dress light for a long walk in. My friends say their aren't to many 30 year olds that can keep up with me, you must be one of Just kidding. I hope all the input helps you out!