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  • Hunting in the rain

    Today I called off working in the rain and decided to hunt in the rain in the ground blind. I was in the ground blind about 30 minutes when a dog starts barking coming my way. Out pops a doe running straight at my blind from about 200 yards away. She gets within 100 yards and see's the blind and hooks it for the woods. I shot and missed. Well I found a little white hair and no blood and looked for about an hour.

    Unfortunately the rain by noon was coming down harder than I had expected. I stuck it out until about 1:30pm and decided to get out and head to the house for some hot coffee and soup. I told the wife when the rain let up I was heading back out because I knew the deer would move.

    The rain stopped about 3:45pm so off to the ground blind I went. At 5:15 I noticed movement just over the crest of the newly planted winter wheat field, in the back corner 300 plus yards out. was definitely 2 doe in the back corner and I could just see there backs, sitting in the chair in the ground blind. I crawled out the back door of the blind and ranged the deer over the top of the ground blind.....376 yards.

    I thought to myself well here goes nothing....let see if I can pull this off. I had my setup zeroed at 300 yards with the .270 WSM and figured there would be a little drop at 376. Bang first shot and the doe ran around in a big circle and then I saw white belly. I couldn't believe it. More surprising the second doe was standing there looking straight in my direction dead on. I waited until she turned broadside and fired.....missing her! She just stood there so I bolted the last shell up and bang.....down she went.

    I don't think anyone could have been more shocked than me, but this is a new personal best and deer number 7 and 8 for the meat hunter.

    I thank God for the meat and the ballistic programs for giving me the knowledge to dial my gun in for long range and Bushnell for clear optics in the 3x9x50 Legends scope. First shot hit the back of the ribcage and exited the front shoulder. Second shot took out and innocent tree and third shot was at the base of the second does neck (I was aiming at the shoulder)!

    I guess the proof is in the pudding,...I need my targets to be standing still....not!
    270 wsm
    i got me a remington model seven in 270wsm cant wait to break it in
    Great Shot
    Great Job Viper! Way to fill the freezer!
    Dang Viper that is a great story and a wonderful shot...... People miss at 15 yds and you are pulling off some LONG SHOTS>>>>>>>>>>GO VIPER
    That is how I felt here!
    One shot could have filled tags! LOL
    Lol carpet_rider, wouldn't it be nice to have this in your front yard!
    Nice shooting
    Great shooting Viper. Like they say to know your weapon inside and out,sounds like youve done your homework. Some people would frown on a shot that far, but If you are very confident with your abilities, Its not a issue. Lets face it there are those who can double that distance through many hours of practice..jager..
    Thats Going to Be Some Good Eating!! Nice Double!! And Good Shooting on The Long Shots. Way To Get It Done!! Keep up The Good Hunting!!
    Long range pursuit
    @ Jager.....have you ever watched 'Long Range Pursuit' on the outdoor channel? Makes you want to move out west. I checked out those 'Night Force' scopes.....OMG! $1800.00 It would be kind of ridiculous mounted on my Savage .270WSM.

    Maybe when I win the lottery I can get 'Gun Werks' to set me! Like that's gonna happen! For now my new best wasn't even expected! 354 was pushing it 4 years ago!

    At 376 yards I have a 6 inch anything after 300 I try to hold backbone high! 400 yards is a 8 inch drop!
    Closing the deal
    Congrats on the deer harvest. Just think, you could of been sipping hot cocoa and watching Gunsmoke on tv. Instead you decided to get out in the nasty weather and it paid off. Man that freezer ought to be full by now. Controlling the herd down there in Sampson County. Way to go!