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  • Entry-level bow

    Folks. Who of you have recently bought a bow, maybe a first bow, or hunt with what might call an affordable, entry-level bow? I have a friend that hunts with an older bow, that almost looks like a toy compared to what's out there nowadays.

    i've been looking for a ready-to-hunt setup (RTH) and was considering a Bear Mauler.

    Any recommendations? 400 bucks would be tops maybe. Might buy used. We'll see.
    I have a Parker compound and love it.I have looked at other more costly bows,but I when I shoot my Parker I know I wouldn't be any happier spending more money.Its quiet,shoots great and is made in USA.
    Check out this web

    They have RTH bow packages that are a real deal. Bottom line the industry is so competitive these days that one manufacturer over the other are all about the same.
    Draw length is the biggest thing to match up but beyond that it's preference, rest type, arrow weight, broadhead. All those things you can change or adjust later.

    Hope this helps! >>>---->
    When buying a bow find one that feels comfortable to you no matter what year it was made and always find one that fits you instead fitting yourself to the bow. i would suggest finding a teacher to show you proper form it will cut down on the learning time. don't try to shoot a 70 pound bow right off the bat go with a lower weight till u develop ur skills an get the muscles involved in shooting a bow tuned up. Start off at close targets an only move further away after you have gotten your form down pat an are hitting the same spot every time. I for one believe shooting a bow is something you do year round not just during bow season because each bow you shoot acts differently an it takes time to know what it will do at various angles an distances. As far as equipment to go on the bow like arrows rest an sight i would find a good proshop to trust for the technical stuff if you don't want to do it yourself.
    Entry Level Bow
    I just got into bow hunting this year. I did not want to break the bank on gear either, so here is what I did. Bought a used Parker Blazer bow for about $225 (craigslist) which I have been happy with. I was told Parker has great customer support although I have not had to use it yet. I did make the rookie mistake of having it tuned/sized at a big box sporting goods store (waste of $75). Later took it to a real bow shop and they re-did everything the box store had done (only they did it right this time and included a lesson.) I have enjoyed getting into the sport and it is a great challenge.

    Advice from a fellow rookie, if you buy used make sure the limbs are not cracked, don't dry fire the bow or draw back without a release, go to your local bow shop and get their advice and let them tune/size whatever bow you buy. The big box stores are OK for buying accessories, but I won't take my bow back their for service. Good luck.
    Do your research and try out some diff. models. My wife got me a PSE firestorm lite for xmas years back which was recommended from the guys workin at bass pro. No offense to PSE but I've never had any consistency with it, probably because it's so short at 30# (supposed to be good for stands and blinds) Just don't go on anybodys opinion. For $400 you can get an awesome bow that fits you and lasts a long time. Have fun with it
    Hawkman....I just sent you an e-mail. Check your suspect mail for it.
    bow for sale
    I'm selling my bow for 400 just the bare bow now accessories
    2012 prime shift
    28' draw
    60-70 pound limbs
    Great Deal!!!!
    GREAT DEAL!!!! on this Bow Guys!!!! I have shot beside Bearice with this PRIME and it's a Sweet Top of the Line Bow!!!! If it was Left handed I would consider it myself!!!!!
    Thanks for the advice folks. And the offer of the Prime bow - 28' draw? what is the range of draw? I'm 6'4' and have been told anywhere from 29-32' for me.

    Oh. And I'm left-eye dominant... :)

    VIPER - I didn't see your post, nor your email. I'll give it a check now. You may need to resend.
    Bearice - why selling?
    Bearice. I noticed in another thread that you just got that bow on November (I think). Why selling it?Just didn't feel right?
    Reason I sold it
    This last year I wanted to find a bow that fit me to a tee I started out with a hoyt vector turbo that I didn't get along with at all and traded for this one which basically shot itself but one thing I didn't like was how the cams broke over so hard and the limb stops hit pretty harsh and made a little thud noise that a deer could hear(first hand experience) so I decided to sell it an find one that didn't do that. Since the time I have sold it I have gained a little more knowledge about drawing a bow an when to admit that 70 pounds might be a little to much to control throughout the draw cycle so I spent so time looking around for a 60 pound bow that has a smooth draw an all the little things I like on a bow an ended up buying a 2013 prime impact an the reason why is because I could stop anywhere in the draw cycle and hold it an ideal could ease the bow into full draw at a very slow motion with no sudden drops or humps to deal with. Let me also say this is know you can kill anything with a 200 dollar bow as well as a 1000 dollar one but it's all about personal preference plus I wanted a bow that I can target shoot with an hunt with too and the new prime impact fits what I was looking for
    Bearice how you like that impact? I have a centroid now and love it! I'd like to shoot an impact but afraid ill like it so much ill take it home!lol I'm getting into some 3d shoots and would like to have one bow for 3d etc and one for just hunting and that impact looks sweet!
    I hadn't got mine yet should be here next week but I go and shoot my backup bow down at droptine archery alot here lately and he has one there that I've shot a few times lol I love the thing with nothing but a rest an a dloop you can shoot it with no vibration or noise after the shot at all it will almost make you wonder if you shot it. The new camera is amazing it ultra smooth with no hump entering the valley. The handle is thinner an fits better to its also removable in case you want a thinner handle. I am excited about this bow an if you get a chance go shoot one. I don't know if you will justify getting rid of your centroid cause it a sweet shooter too but it will definitely be fun to shoot
    Yeah I was afraid you would say that!! Lol I really like the technology that prime has going on with there line of bows! I'm really satisfied with my centroid and don't know if its going anywhere any time soon, but I would really like to have one bow setup for 3d or maybe even get into some indoor spots and have one just for hunting and with my long draw I like the longer ata bows so the impact is looking like a good choice.
    Target an hunting
    That's one thing I've noticed being down at droptine archery is that target guys an hunters are loving this bow I think he's sold like 10 already
    Prime Bearice

    I hope your quest for the 'perfect bow for you' is successful. Although, you'll probably always chase it to an extent, right?

    I've never shot a compound bow, but I'm thinking alike with you - finding the bow that fits, and it doesn't have to be a 70# draw! As GT says 'I'm not a speedfreak!' I'll throw in an LOL for GT here. :)

    I figure people have been killing deer for a long time with compound bows. That being said, I'll take what I can find that fits.

    You mentioned finding a bow (Prime Impact) that wasn't brand new, or at least wasn't this year's model. That sounds good to me, too. I figure the year-to-year changes aren't that dramatic. If they are, such as the first carbon-fiber bow, the bow will be way out of my price range. In other words, a RTH combo in the 350-500 dollar range isn't going to change that much.

    I did see a youtube video for possibly a PSE RTH combo that came complete with a hard case - a little pricey for me, but maybe not considering it came with such a nice case, and arrows, broadheads, etc.
    Finding the prefect bow is probably impossible lol
    now since you have a price range set for a bow look around at serval bow shops and tell them what your looking for an state your price range firmly for 500 bucks you can get a really nice bow that's only a year or two old. I would suggest to look at the bows for sale on archery talk or If you see something you like try to find a bow shop that has one like it an shoot it before you buy it. Another thing try to stay away from bows that are older that you have to change draw length on because finding the modules or cams can be a little tricky.
    Btw the prime impact I just bought is new and 2013 model so I didn't get no deal on it lol. If you have any questions feel free to contact on Facebook my name is Jeff Icenhour
    I sent you and e-mail but my e-mail hasn't seemed to work on this site for over two years. My roomate and bow smith can hook you up with a new bow in your price range that you would pay 700 or 800 for anywhere else. Contact me on Facebook under Jeff Huggins. I think it would be worth your time to check him out. I live in Roseboro NC between Fayetteville and Clinton. He will be in Snow Hill this weekend.

    P.S. that Prime is a good bow!
    I'll look you up on FB, although I recently purged my friends list there, and dropped off the FB planet for awhile. I just kept only family on.

    ps. The Prime bow? I'm a lefty (left-eye dominant it seems) and a 78 inch wingspan (31+ DL). :)
    Draw on primes
    The two new models for 2013 only go to a 30 or so it says on there Website but the centroid goes to a 31' draw an it's still a exceptional bow an you maybe able to find a deal on one