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  • SCDNR Marine Gamefish Tagging Program

    The SCDNR launched a volunteer gamefish tagging program in 1974, giving outdoorsmen a chance to help the department with researching gamefish. The program was suspended due to lack of funds, but was reintroduced on Oct. 4th of this year.

    The program has been widely credited for having more anglers practice catch-and-release. The information taken from a fish that has been caught, tagged, released, and then caught again, has helped fisheries biologists learn more about different species of fish.

    The program received national attention recently when a yellowfin tuna that was tagged by a volunteer in April 2001 was recaptured in African waters in May 2010. During that time span, the fish had gone from 15 pounds to 189 pounds.

    To participate in the program, visit

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter