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  • squirrel/deer hunt

    Guess everyone would prefer to see a deer report,but it don't always work out that way.Thought I would hunt for a while this evening since I have been every morning for about the past 9 days with no luck.After I sat there in my blind a while I was reminded why I prefer hunting in the mornings.Between sirens going off,dogs howling at the sirens,kids mocking the sirens to get the dogs to keep howling,helicopter flying over,guns going off in the distance,I figured the deer were long gone.It is soooo much quiter in the mornings.I gave up on the deer and targeted the squirrels.They also seemed to prefer the morning quiteness,because I only saw a couple.Got a shot at one,one more to go with the one Gracie killed last week.Still turned out to be a nice evening in the woods.
    morning hunts
    ahhh yes, the peace and
    after listening to the loggers on the adjacent property allllllll dddaaaaaayyyyyy long......I've come to the conclusion, if it doesn't bother the deer ain't no point gettin worked up over it. I think after awhile they don't pay it no mind.

    best time I like, when it's about 30' there is no wind blowing and it's during the am gray light, just as it begins to dawn......hhhmmmm
    before dawn
    Yeah my favorite time in the woods is between 6 and 11 am.I love being in my blind before the forest wakes up.You see so many interesting things.
    Keep it up
    Just keep it up girl.....something is going to walk your way. As far as the noise.....I like it peaceful but trust me the deer don't seem to pay it any long as it's not within 50 yards of them. The place I hunt close to home has a basball field with 3 diamonds.....always noise and the deer seem to come from the baseball!
    Diane00, Yess All The Noise And Distractions, I Know All To Well At Some Of The Places I Hunt. Yesterday Evening for example I Heard Banging On Metal off And On, I Have no Idea What it Was From, may have been someone trying to scare away the deer on Purpose, but not sure, and then it stopped, then more loud wind, and to top the evening hunt off, 3 teens Where nice enough to ride there 4 wheels right under my stand (there is 4 wheeler Trails all over the part of gameland im on. GRRR, I GOT There attention by yealing at them one looked up and said he was sorry and i let them know that there tresspassing, but every year samething, but the deer pop where i was at is good enough for me to over look the bull lol. Congrats on The Squirrel. Sometimes deer hunting is slow, i rather be squirrel hunting or Duck hunting, but i try to have faith. Good Luck And Have fun.
    Great Job Diane...You got a deal on that 22. I need to take a few squirrels out myself lol...Maybe Dacota and I will try them tomorrow afternoon....Good Pics of ya.
    Nice Diane,might not be a deer but atleast you got some meat.
    ...on the squirrel Mrs D.
    Are you putting out corn? We mixed a bucket of corn w/ mollasses, sugar, and salt and they seem to love it. Right now mostly just has the does pulled in but for the next couple of weeks that's just fine by me cuz I know how will be looking for them. lol
    Good luck to you D!
    what mixing ratio do you use making this mixture Justintime
    SWEET------That is great D.
    We just guestimated 'til it looked good to us. Basically added a cup of sugar and a 1/2 cup of salt and kept stirring in molasses until it looked good. When our dog started eating it we figured it must be good enough. lol
    If you try it - start with half a bucket to begin with or have two buckets so you can get it mixed up good.
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