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  • holly shelter

    Ok I am new to the area I scouted alot this year in shelter saw some positive tracks but I still havent seen a deer not just hunting but in the past months leading up to the opening day havent even glimpsed one do you have to run dogs to have a chance or am I just not in the right areas any advice will help thank you.
    bow or gun
    Will it is full of deer and some big ones. If you are hunting with bow there is part of it that is only for bow and there is your best chance. If gun you need to get pretty deep in the woods away from the parts that see a lot of hunters. But they do run a lot of dogs there. There is parts close to water so I would recommend trying to find them. Pull on the mags to it if you havnt already and it will help a lot. Good luck and keep us posted.
    Yea I gun hunt ive tried finding a descent map for the area if that is what you mean by mags. Ive used Google earth doesnt have road names and the one off of nc wildlife is not the best is there another place to find one. Sorry for all the questions
    Will google Hollyshelter game land maps or something like that. I cant remember. But just look around and you will find it. If I have time this evening I will try to find it and let you know. But the map is great. And it has the key grid to show you how everything is split up. And if you dont have a map you can easily get loosed back in all those roads lol
    found it
    Will..Go to

    type in Gamelands map in the little search box.

    it will say 1 record found witch is View Gameland maps. click on it

    scroll down and click on the #3 on the NC map on the right.

    then click on HOLLY SHELTER....and thats it.. For me it was a lot easier to print it out and then look at it so you will have the key to look at. Plus its a lot of land.

    Let me no if you cant find it.
    Yes I like
    thank you
    I see it and thank you for helping out ill return the favor some day.
    10 4
    glad to help. Just kill a biggn out of there. But I would wear plenty of orange just to be on the safe side.
    Gameland Map Book
    The Gamelands Map Book Is Very Good. IT Shows Roads And All. I Buy The Book ($10.00) Every from The Wrc Store, But For Some Reason They Didnt Print One This year. Holly Shelter is full of Deer But Must Get Away From The Dog Hunters. They run The Heck out of the deer all Season Long And Also Angola Bay (Across HWY#53) Holly is great durnng bow and Muzzleloader, Just Bring Your Bear Mace as the bear population on Bear Garden Tract Is High. No Firearms may Be Carried Durning Bow And Muzzleloader.
    Re: holly shelter
    I would definitely get the book, and then do some looking on Google Earth. Best way I know to really learn that place, though, is get your .22 and a backpack right now, and get out there on foot and start exploring. There are some real honey holes in there, but it takes some time to find them.