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  • Hide and Seek

    There's a buck and a doe within 40 feet of the camera. I looked at the pic 3 or 4 times before I saw both of them. It's no wonder I cant kill a deer!
    I see them but, I usually see them.....even when there not! Man I stare so hard at the woods when I'm hunting my brain hurts to the point that I start seeing shapes in the shadows that I would swear are deer and only realize that's nothing when the angle of the sun shifts.

    I've learned not to fixate on them and look away for a few minutes and see if they come out or the shape changes. I have had deer stand in one spot in the wood-line for up to 30 minutes without taking a step.

    The thing I look for most and always gives them away is that tail swating flies or a flicker of an ear.

    Good luck and keep hunting!
    I saw them in about 5 seconds. But would have not noticed if you would have not said any thing.They hide good thats for sure.
    Cool Photo
    I'm with you GYSGT, I can't see but maybe 1 and I'm not sure that's even 1 lol
    OK I zoomed in 400% and see them but No Buck?
    I see both.
    I am blind...I only see one lol.....
    They are there!
    Look for the doe in the background slightly left of center. You can see her head. The buck is about 15 ft from the camera behind the two biggest trees. You can see his antlers to the left of the tree and his back end between the trees. I wish I knew how to tell you how to zoom in. I guess I wasted $2400 on eye surgery! LOL
    Yep I saw the doe and I thought that was a deer between the tree but I wasn't sure...
    Am I seeing things?
    Now I think I'm like viperx4 seeing things that are not there. I went back to the original pic and zoomed in and now I think I see another doe between the first doe and the tree just right of her. Look for a nose and eyeball about chest level to the first doe. Man these things make me look stupid!
    I zoomed it and the deer are where I thought they were. Doe easy to see left of center and the buck? I'm not sure if it's a buck or another doe is between the treens head down. You can see the back coming to the camera and the horns are now looking like bent over grass blades in the!

    Reminds me of a Monty Pithon movie with the night that kept saying 'come back and fight like a man' the end of the movie the credits would say, 'moose behind tree #2' and crap like! You would be saying , 'HUH'. and there never was a moose.

    P.S. telling my age with this!
    2 Does
    I still see 2 Does and no Bucks!!! zoomed in over 400%!
    I dont know!
    Ive looked at this thing over and over. Every time I look at it I see something different. It reminds me of one of those puzzles you stare at until your brain finally sees the picture. It's a good thing I have good hearing abilities cause my eyes are playing tricks on me. LOL I just thought the pic was cool and hope you guys have enjoyed it.