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  • Acorns Acorns Everywhere

    Been hunting all week near home in the Pisgah NF. It has been super slow. Hunted all of our stand-by spots and haven't seen anything but a few does. I walked 5+ miles over the past few days and haven't gone more than 30 yards without crunching acorns. In the 15 years I have been hunting this area there has never been near this many acorns. All a deer has to do is open his mouth and look up! Also no scraping at all so far. Hopefully by the time I come back in Rifle season the bears and turkeys will have some of the acorns eat up and the deer will start doing what they're supposed to do.
    If anyone decides to take a trip up to the mountains keep it in mind I guess.

    Side note: After hunting all day Monday in the drizzle, I got home and there was a wide shooter 8 standing in the foodplot behind the house about 20 minutes after light. Aint that about right?
    Funny story AppMTnHtr!! Sounds like my kind of luck. Yeah when there are that many acorns on the ground it is so hard to establish a pattern. It is almost impossible if the deer are undisturbed b/c they will feed in different areas everyday. Unfortunately I am going to miss my mountain trip this year. We usually go to Laurel Springs or Glendale Springs this weekend...IT is so beautiful up there this time of the year. I usually go with my wife's family but there is just to much going on and not to mention my wife is almost 8 months pregnant and doesn't want to make the drive lol...It will be the first time in 5 years I haven't been so I will miss it but I go by myself next year if I have to lol...
    Mountain Hunting
    I hear you there. I just came up to hunt because my lady is in Atlanta this week for her job. On the bright side, bear season starts next week and I found a ridiculous amount of fresh sign for my brother the houndsman. Too bad I live in Winston now and won't be able to hunt nearly as much as usual. And ditto on the pretty scenery, I really miss the hills since I've moved to the flat ground.
    LOL man...YOu want to see flat ground you come to Duplin County lol.... Yep, that kind sucks when you have to move away like that and it cuts into your time....I think bear hunting the mountains would be a fun challenge. There is actually a show on the Sportsman Channel called Pig Man. There was an episode a little while back where they were using dog to hunt them in the mountains of NC. He took a pretty good blackie with the bow...Neat hunt but a lot of running around lol..