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  • Processor near Ahoskie?

    Are there any processors near Ahoskie? Could be an hour or so form there.
    Have you talked to the folks at the BBQ restaurant at 158 & US 13. I think it was Greene's

    In Chesapeake Southern Packing on South Battlefield local just before intersection with the bypass. That a fur piece from you. I think Kempsville Packing on Greentree Road in Chesapeake also does game.

    Some local stores that have a meat department and cutter may cut meat for hunters after they have finished their day's cuts. They have to sanitize the blades, grinder and surfaces after handling wild meat. Then It would be up to you to wrap for freezing.

    If you need someone to help hunt sometime, let me know. I usually do the field dressing, skinning, cleaning and butchering for my boys when I hunt with them. Even though the are in their 30's they seem to like me helping with the dirty work.
    Wife's been right ill and Lord willing, she'll be released from the hosptial tomorrow or Sunday. Haven't had much time to hunt recently.

    Brother Bill