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  • Girls Club

    For the most part, hunting and the outdoors has mostly been recognized as a 'Man's Sport'. I have been on this site since 2004 and became a member in 2005.

    Through the years I have slowly seen women entering this sport through the field and streams of this great state. In the past 2 years women have not only participated but have become major contenders, knocking down down record deer and landing creel after creel of great fish.

    It was brought to our attention, (this web site) that we needed a woman moderator to represent this new class of outdoors women. As most of you know Diane0 was chosen this past year to fill those shoes.

    Not only is she well versed in Crappie fishing but, has also taken on Turkey hunting as a first and soloed twice with success this past Spring. Recently she took on bow hunting as a first time try and if you have read her post....drew first blood with a bow this morning.

    I am and I know the NCS Staff are proud of the pick they made in Diane0 to not just represent the site with her knowledge but also the gals of this site. So here's a shout out to Diane0 and the Girls Club.

    Go Ladies!!!!
    Well Said
    I agree Viper, I myself have had the privilege of hanging out with Diane on several occasions and I'll say this...Once she sets her mind on something , She is determined to succeed at it. Just like when all of us Guys were in Anson the opener of Spring Turkey Season and I knew the instant my Phone vibrated that she had Got a Gobbler or came close and we all know that she struck early!! She has impressed me with her self confidence and I think it's safe to say that, She can accomplish anything she must her mind too..Except Out Fishing or Hunting Me of course lol. When we first meet I just thought it was sooo Cool that she had a passion for the outdoors and she has told me countless times that It's something she wished she would have done Years ago and It's awesome that she is teaching Gracie that same thrill of the wild... I sure Love sharing the outdoors with her, She is a Great Sport...Even though she will never trust my 1 2 3 Count again ...EVER!! lol
    Thanks Viper and GT.That means so much.I think the outdoors is something everyone should enjoy.