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  • Question about deer hunting

    Have yall had luck during the rut mid day hunting. Im asking because Im might try mid day hunts this year on some Saturdays.
    heck yeah
    If you're ever gonna stay all day in the woods then during the rut is an excellent time. All of the precautions a mature buck usually takes go out the window. He ain't bedded down waitin' for dark, he's runnin' around trying to find a girlfriend. I'd say your best bet is early rut - once he finds a receptive doe it's hard (or impossible) to make him leave her.
    I'll do most of my all day hunts from the last week in Oct to mid Nov. Pack a peanut butter sandwich, an apple, and some kool aid and I'm good to go. I haven't bagged any record breakers yet but I've seen tons of deer midday.
    It's probably effective other times as well - they get smart and use to hunters leaving around 10am and returning around 2pm. If you're lucky the other hunter's moving in and out may bump one your way.
    Give it a try and good luck.
    Always---- when the RUT is on you need to be there all day if you can. You never know when that big em is going to step out.
    I don't hunt mid-day very often because I just can't sit there all ever every now and then I'll sneak in extra early for the evening hunt say around 1 or 2 and sit till dark. I did this twice last season and saw a good 8 pointer step out into the middle of a beans field at about 4 o'clock. Also you can try waiting for the sun rise and then sneak in super quiet and carefully after day light. I tried this last year and saw the biggest deer I have ever seen in the woods. I've heard several old timey hunters swear by it because it puts you moving into the woods the same time all the critters are moving and therefore you're making even less noise because you're not walking in during dead silence and into something you cant see. Good luck fellas!! Just a few days away!
    I'm NOT going to sit around waiting on The RUT, The Perfect Wind, Perfect Moon ETC, Like Turkey Season, I have been waiting months for these Days to get here and I myself are going to be there every minute I can because The Deer are still there doing what they do, Day in and day out and Not laid up waiting on The Perfect Day to stroll past a Hunter...I have parked my Truck and ran to my stand only to get 15 to minutes of hunt time in before Dark and killed 1 of my Best Deer while I was on stand less than 10 minutes...As avid stated, around 10 O'clock when most hunters are heading to Camp, This can help you by getting the deer moving more if you have pressure of other hunters around you...I Shot my Biggest Buck ever at 5 yards with a 270 at 2:45 in the afternoon and I would like to think I grunted him in to the base of my tree but I had heard a ATV about 5 minutes before and The Buck came from that general direction...He could have been spooked my way by another Hunter? I can't say for sure but I'm Glad I was there to take him!!! You just Gotta be there and have faith in your set-up...It's alot easier to lay around making excuses as to why you shouldn't go but as for me...I'm gonna be there whenever I can myself. Rut, Mid-Day or whenever and if the wind isn't right, I'll just stand up and turn my stand around the Tree until it is because they say on T.V. to keep the wind in your face LOL...Anyway..Good Luck and Stay Safe
    mid day
    We hunt game land on ocation and we got there about 9:00 one morn and there were guys sitting on there tailgates eatin lunch looking at us funny we went my grandpaw killed a nice 7pt about10:30 and we got him back to the truck and those guys were still sitting there but they had a different look then.
    9 am rush hour
    i have never sat all day in n.c. but we sat form 5am to 10 or 11am .and we call it 9 am rush hour.and we see alot of deer around then.i dont know if its just to keep our minds awake and our hopes up .or deer like to move more or maybe other hunters are moving around . making the deer move.good luck hunting
    Thanks for the input. GT trust me Im not waiting on the rut or perfect wind because you cant get em at home but I thought maybe the rut would be the only time Id try mid day hunting. I hunt every evening and a mornings when I can, but there is no way I can sit all day, I was thinking hunting mornings coming home then go back mid day then leave and go back in the evening. Thanks again.
    Redneck..Your comment reminded me of a hunt I was invited on years ago on the public land of Montgomery County NC lol...The 'Leader' had set a Time for everyone to meet back at 10:00...Well we all meet back and it had started a light Cold drizzle...We all were sitting in the Truck planning the next move (ALL the Guns are leaned up against the OUTSIDE of the truck) I guess we had sat there about 10/15 minutes with the Truck running and heat on when.....Deer Started crossing the Gravel Road in front of us lol...A Total of 13!!! Yes 13!!! with 2 having antlers crossed that Road 60 yards from us lol...I thought I even seen a few look our way and shake their heads in that...Great Hunters? Whatever!!! Look lol...You could have heard a feather drop in that Truck because out of 4 of Us those were the ONLY Deer we saw that whole Weekend lol

    Good Luck to all you Guys
    Mid Day?
    Hey Outdor Life.. Lot of good answers out there. I personally never done an all day hunt. However, I always do a morning hunt. I start that hunt with the intent that I would let the activity dictate how long I would sit. Mornings have always offered the biggest buck activity for ME. I never leave until it has been atleast an hour since I saw my last deer activity. On many ocasions this has kept me on stand until close to noon. With that, in my opion it takes the right stand to make this payoff or have the right LUCK. With that it could happen anywhere at anytime. Good Luck with that Mid day hunt.. Due to honey do's it wouldn't work for me anyways (All day Hunt)..LMBO... Sorry had to edit for mid day instead of all day. Thats what pain meds will do to ya... just had back surgery.Oops
    mid day deer
    HaHa GT that reminds me of a time when we were hunting the pee dee refuge bow season and we were at the truck eatin lunch and a doe came accross the feild in bow range but there was nothin we could do.
    Deer Hunting in N.C.
    Yes, specially if you know there are does in heat in the area you are hunting. Bucks will be following them all day long.. 24-7. Ramon Bell, Pres/NCBA