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  • Bear and Bobcats

    Got a couple neat pics this week...We have never seen a bear at this particular spot so needless to say we were a little shocked to see it...Not a huge one but a bear none the less.....

    We also got a pic of two young bobcats playing or fighting(not sure which one) I wish it would have been a little bit later b/c it is kinda hard to see...but one of them is airborne lol....Neat photos either way...

    And yes the year and time are wrong....
    Well the bear is not good. The deer will co-habitate but the bear will eat you out of house and home.

    Here's a picture of your bobcats.....maybe pepole can see it better.
    Bear and Bobcats
    Yeah I have no interest in the bear....I shot my first last year with the bow so my desire to see one around home is gone lol....

    Yep, you can definitely see the cats better...Thanks Buddy!!