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  • Bow Season Coming

    Well Bow season is coming fast....ready or not. Unfortunately I've been so busy working I could not practice with the bow or scout.

    I changed that this week end though. I hooked up with DCB at his house and broke a few arrows. For real! I don't know if it's because we were shooting from 60 yards, something hard in the the block or what. I broke 3 arrows and I think DCB broke 2. Oh well that's shooting. I wouldn't say I'm 'on', the first practice but I didn't have to look for I'm close. I'll be shooting more this week.
    I finally put out my trail cam on a corn field. Seems like the farmer baited for me this year. The only problem is he planted right up to the cut over and woods. The easiest way to get to my tri-pod is walk 3 rows in, in the corn.
    I've got my camera under my favorite oak tree.....the deer seem to like walking this edge. I think that will be the spot for opening morning depending on the winds that day!

    TICK REPORT: I am happy to say that after walking a mile or so through high weeds corn and woods, I managed to only pick up 2 ticks. I thought they and the mosquitoes were going to be real bad this year but, didn't get a single bite. Don't worry....I always pack the Thermacell....both of them during season!

    Good luck finalizing your prep for the coming season. Happy and Safe hunting!
    Archery Season
    I am getting extremely excited even though I don't have the 1st shooter on camera....However I only have 2 cams out so I am not too worried about it...I will just be happy to be back in a tree and making movies lol...

    Thanks for coming down and shooting with me Saturday!! I had a blast even though I busted a couple arrows lol....Thanks for the hanging bag target as well....I am going to order me a new bag sometime this week hopefully..

    As far as the ticks, I have been surprised at how few I have seen....I think I have gotten 2 off me and thats it...I really thought they would be terrible around here this year...With all the water though the mosquitoes and yellow flies have been absolutely terrible....You saw that Saturday withing the first couple minutes of shooting lol.....