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  • Doe Decoy

    I Bought The Tinks Inflatable Doe Decoy to Use This Bow Season. It Looks Pretty Real From A Distance. Has Anyone Used This Decoy? Would Love To Hear From You. It Blows Up Alot Easier Then I Thought It Would. I'll Give A Report on How It Does on Opening Day.
       j carter
    Chad.. I went up to ill last year during the rut and a guy in camp had the same decoy. He told me that it put off a shinny reflection or a glare of some sort and caused the deer to blow all afternoon. I know one thing for sure if it dont work up there it prob want work around here but would love to know your exp.
    I know the blow up Cherokee turkey decoys are shiny in the sun, unlike the Avian ones.

    I used my 3-D target deer as a decoy one year and it's not shiny. I had deer come within 30 yards of it but wouldn't get any closer and would start blowing.

    I think the best decoy is other deer in the field or woods. That's why I usually let them fill the field and wait until last light or when it looks like everyone is leaving before I pick out!

    Good luck....let us know how it goes.
       Chad B
    @ jcarter Thanks For The Reply. yea, I Could See It Giving off A Glare. Im Going to Give it A Try Anyway To See What Happens. Deer Are not Dumb Lol.@Viper Thanks For The Feedback, I Was Going to Use My 3d Target as A Decoy, But Its Well Used. I Used To Have the High Dollar Deer Decoys, That Worked Very Well In Certain Spots And Setups, But I Sold Them This Past Summer Because There Heavy and i hunt a long way From My Truck. I Dont like Leaving Them overnite Because someone would Steal Them On Publicland. I'll Let you Know What The Deer Think Of The Decoy. I Hope They Like It lol.