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  • Got my copy 2day GT

    Well lordy I'm just sittin' here shakin' my head.
    I was really hoping that I would hear something from NCS about the whole prize debacle but didn't say much cuz I kinda hate to complain about free stuff. lol
    Now I'm reprinted in the Sept edition and have evidently been renamed 'Jordan'. That part is sorta understandable cuz I probably hunt harder than that Jordan fella on TV that can say his name correctly and they just got confused. lol
    But then they say I killed the buck in October with my pic of the buck and a muzzle loader which is odd seeing how I killed the buck on Nov 7th. I don't think our BP season started 'til the first of Nov so the gamewarden will probably come see me this evening. lol
    I guess grandpa was right - you can't believe anything you read and only half of what you see. lol
    Well,Jordan or Justin,whoever you are,lol.Maybe when the game warden comes knocking you should let Jordan take the ticket for poaching,lol.At least the magazine gave you an alias to go by.And they obviously took everyones profile pic off the site so the Warden won't know what you look like.
    LOL@ Diane....Jordan, I didn't even see the Month part, I was Busy laughing lol...I'm J/K and yeah ol Bill has always said his name in a way that made me say...HUH? LOL...Oh Well, Another Copy for your Grand-Kids to talk about in the Future, You old poacher you lol