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  • I could go R or L handed....

    I'm kind of a funny fellow in that I'm sorta kinda ambidextrous. I can't do all things with either hand, but some i can. I do think of myself as Left-handed, though.

    I picked up my buddy's bow the other day, and wasn't surprised to find I felt comfortable holding and drawing it with either hand.

    However, should I buy a bow, I'll probably go with RIGHT, if it's just as good as left, b/c like a guy told me when I was buying a guitar way back, 'If you go left-handed, 99% of the guitars you come across in your life will be righties, and you won't be able to play (or buy) any of 'em'.

    Here's a list of my mixed-uppedness:

    - Writing
    - Catching (baseball)
    - Hockey

    - Shooting (the gun is on my right shoulder)
    - Computer Mouse
    - Bowling
    - Arm Wrestling

    - Eat with my left, unless I'm using a knife, then I put the fork in my right and continue eating with my right, while cutting with my left.

    - Golf: While I play hockey ONLY left-handed, I could golf either way (albeit poorly). My brother is right-handed, except he plays hockey and golf Left. We switched clubs for a couple holes once, and did just as bad...

    - Baseball - I can switch hit. But boy, can I only throw with my right...

    - Guitar: I used to 'air guitar' (very well mind you) LEFT-handed, but got a R-hand guitar, and with much practice, got to where I could play it. This would probably be an example of being LEFTY, but overpowering it, not just a case of 'either/or'.

    - Bowhunting?..........
    Oh my - you sound complicated. lol But seriously, you might have better odds of finding a right-handed bow but I have seen some really good deals on left-handed bows becuz not as many folks use them. Right now I think all of the prices on hunting gear are easing up the closer we get to the season - I love to look for stuff around Feb/March.
    Left Handed VS Wrong Handed
    Dang? LOL!!!! I would definitely get a Right handed Bow because I'm Right handed but left Eye Dominate and when it comes time to sell a left handed Bow...Well...GOOD LUCK..Even though you would have $1000 in a Bow, It's ALOT easier to sell a Right handed Bow...I discovered I was Left eye dominate at a early age squirrel hunting when I would hold the gun on my right shoulder and try to hit with my left eye lol Didn't work too well so I hunt left handed. I only wish I would have bought a left handed Auto Turkey Gun because the shell goes right by my face when I shoot but I could never get used to a left handed Rifle...Now Fishing...I can only use a Spinning Reel left handed (Holding with left and reeling with right) but with a bait-caster such as my bass Reels or Catfish reels, I can only use them Right handed (Holding with right and reeling with left) I have a Buddy that can shoot either hand but I think that's about it...I work with a Guy that's left handed and to watch him Beat with a Hammer has always amazed me lol I would have my Fingers beat off but yeah I would definitely go Right with a Bow...Speaking of Guitars I remember the First Time I saw the Video of Achey Breaky heart and he was playing Left handed I thought...WTH??? LOL...Good Luck
    LOL....That is what I use to call it lol.....

    I think that is an awesome ability man....I really can't do anything specific with my left hand. I reel a spinning reel with my left hand but that is about it. Bowhunting, golf, tennis, frisbee, football, baseball, etc, etc. are all nogo for me with the left hand lol. I have a very good friend that would tick baseball coaches off when they would change pitchers only for him to switch sides when He stepped back up to the plate.....It was so funny to see the pitching coaches reaction lol....Chipper Jones is one of the best at doing so.

    Again, I think that is very cool that you can switch about like that..
    I'm a lefty too that shoots a gun right handed an i can even shoot a bow with either hand but my right eye is more. dominant an find that I'm more accurate shooting a bow right hand.
    Eye Dominance and Reel reeling...
    Eye Dominance: Hadn't thought of that! How do I know? When I hold a rifle up to my shoulder, I have no inclination to try to see with my left eye- the right eye works fine (now if I could only hit something LOL). Does this indicate I'm probably right-eye dominant?

    Forgot about fishing: I'm most definitely a Left-hand reeler and right-hand caster! The 25-lb drum I caught 15 years ago felt like a 100-pounder on that Penn Senator with right-hand reeling! :)
    eye test
    A simple way to tell is look at a spot on the wall an point at it then close each eye your point of aim will not change on urn dominant eye but on ur weak eye it will look like ur point at a different place
    That's some good info Bearice...That's a good way to tell...I was gonna suggest skeet shooting both ways and it will be obvious which way you hit more lol...I love catching Crappie on a ultra-light spinning reel but 1 time I used a reel that reeled right handed that wasn't reversible and it was terriable lol I think the only one's I landed swam into the hook by accident lol
    another thing
    After you figure out which eye is dominant an u go to shooting a bow u will here to keep both eyes open an look through the peep with ur dominant eye make sure u have a large(1/4') peep cause if u use a small peep it may cause ur weak eye to take over in low light conditions an throw ur point of aim off enough to miss even at close ranges especially if ur weak eye is only slightly weaker than ur dominant eye. the reason u keep both eyes open is it makes u more steady in ur balance plus it don't restrict ur field of veiw. good luck