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  • Calling Squirrels!!! This is How you do it!!! Eat your Heart out Chad B lol

    Dianes Outdoor,Fishing,Hunting, Bow-Shooting Companion and Grand-Daughter Gracie explains how to Limit out on those wise Old Bushy-Tails with this never before seen footage of How to trick the squirrels into thinking 1 of their own is in distress and needs Help...I know there are several ways to take Squirrels but I am NOW convinced that.....THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!

    Like that Fly Up/Down Wing LOL...Hearing that flapping on her leg got me ready for April lol
    Lol now that is a great idea
    She is the cutest thing in the world. Gets that from her The only thing that would make that video better is if Ms Queen was doing her version of the call. lmbo lmbo....come on Queen lets see it
    That is way too cute - it oughta be in some home video contest. She's a cutie and it's wonderful that she loves the outdoors so much. Keep up the good work Diane.
    LOL GREAT!!!!!!!!
    I was just watching this again and thought it was hailing outside and opened the curtain and there were 2 Squirrels tapping on the window with thier paws up ready to fight LOL...Gotta try this myself!!!
    Squirrels BEWARE LOL
    Now that is some mighty fine squirrel calling tactics there little lady!! I think you could limit out in a heartbeat on them ol bushy tails. Good luck this squirrel season Gracie.

    LMBO @ GT. They had there paws up ready to fight!
    Ol Limphanger
    Hey Limphanger!!! LOL What up Bro? Hows Sis???? LMBO...Boat motor be here in a few Days...If your wife will let ya outta the flower bed you should come up before Bow season comes in lol
    Just got off work an after a busy night i can say this video put a smile in my face. Thanks for sharing
    Flower bed
    LMBO! My wife likes flowers but not that much. And for Sis, shes oughta town so I aint making a long distance call just for your sake lol. Get that boat moter right so we can take ur catfishin rig duck hunting. Maybe set a few hooks while we are blowing holes in the sky at them little rockets LOL. Holla!!
    Thanks everybody
    Gracie's happy everybody likes her video.Thanks Gobblintom for putting it on here for us and for the comments.
    @Antnee,I think if Gracie and I did tag team calling and wing slapping it would sound like a bunch of turkeys coming down from roost,lol.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    D & lh
    LOL@Diane and your Welcome... I watched again this morning because like bearice said it puts a smile on my face every time.

    Limphanger, WE can do it!! I'll warn ya though, It sounds like the 4th of July around here Duck season, Especially the first day of Rifle season..I hunt close to the lake and the Duck hunters shoot thousands!!!! of times before it even gets light enough for me to see a duck lol
    Beware Bushytails
    Ohno, This young Lady Has Got The Talent And Skills Between Her And Diane00, My Squirrel Harvest #s Will Be Shatterd. Great Video Gracie!! Good Job. You Are Smart!! The Squirrels Are In Trouble Up In The Mountains. Good luck!! Gracie You Can Squirrel Hunt With Me Any Day, id Be Honored To Have You On My Team!!