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  • Surf fishing at Indian Beach? Recommendations?

    Going to take the family to Indian Beach tomorrow (Sunday) and am wondering if it's worth it to bring tackle along. Last year, I saw bait busting all day, and it was all I could do to bring in a bluefish and one pompano. Would love to load up on pompano (I hear it's hard to load up on anything on the beach). What else can I try for? Spanish? Are there flounder to be caught on the beach?

    I take it for pomps, just a 2-hook bottom rig and sandfleas.
    Hawkman I have no experience with Indian Beach but I do know sand fleas work great for pompano. The soft shell ones are the best but they are hard to find so I just peel the hard shell off. There are flounder to be caught though. A lot of people will just have some type of round weight that will move on the bottom. Then they just attach a single leader and fish live shrimp or live minnows. I have caught them using both. You can also spot cast using artificial plastic as well. For the most part this seems to be more effective b/c sit and wait for bait to come by them. You can cover a lot more ground that way...As far as Spanish goes, I have seen times when you could catch Spanish off the surf but it has to be where all the bait is. I absolutely love plugging for spanish but I do that mostly from a pier...Gotcha plugs are my favorite....