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  • New Dove Rule

    Just read where opening day of Dove season this year will open 30 min before sunrise on opening day! That will mess up our usual ritual of getting everybody together for a cookout in the field before going out to our spots for the afternoon hunt!! LOL....I do enjoy that but it will be nice to eat a biscuit and hunt that morning and then go to the beach before it gets to be 100...I enjoy shooting doves but sitting out in the open when it is 100 degrees for 3-4 hours kinda sucks lol....Anybody else up here have in opening day rituals???
    Early Start
    @ DCB, I Read That Too Last Week. Sorry It Will Mess Up Your Plans!! I Hunt Gameland Dove Fields. Ive Never Hunted Dove On Private Land Before, They Whole Pig Picken Before The Hunt Would Be Nice!! Ive Got No Ruturals For Opening Day. I Just Show Up Super Early Pick A Good Spot And Shoot Alot Bag A Few, lol I Always Have Fun. I Hunt Alone 95% Of The Time, But SomeTimes One Of My Coworkers Goes With Me, But He Dosent Stay Long. Early Start Is Fine With Me, The Only Down Side For Me Is, I'll Sit There And Hunt The Whole Day Until I Limit Out. That Means It Could Be A 12hr Sit In The Field lol. Good Luck!! Nice Looking Corn Field Ya'll Have!!
    corn field
    ya might wanna tell the farmer he needs a new head on his combine if that field is freshly picked. goin by the big ol weed in the pic. ha
    No ritual here other than trying to find a few people that want to team up and find a field where they are flying.

    Did pretty good last year but, kind of out of touch this year because of working too much. I think I'll use the ground blind again with the zip-out flap in the top. Makes it nice to get the birds that always end up landing 100 yards away in the middle of the field while everyone is on the tree line.

    Good luck!
    Yeah, NC I didn't mean freshly meaning a day or had been about a week-week and a half lol....I don't use the best words sometimes lol...

    Viper, I have done zero scouting for them this year but I usually go where the main guys tell us to go...Those are usually my brother and his father in law lol...They get to ride around a lot more than me lol... Yep, I am usually out in the field. I try to find weeds, ditches, or center pivots to hide in ....I definitely want to be out there in the field though. I have even laid down before which was kinda cool ....but doing a 100 situps when it is 90 degrees out kinda sucked too lol....
    haha i was just messin wit ya anyways man.