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  • 42' Flathead Catfish Caught in High Rock Lake

    Alex Crook, 14 years old of Lexington, NC has been fishing for years, hoping to catch the 'big one' off the pier of his home on High Rock Lake. Finally, during spring break (April 11, 2012) he caught a citation flathead catfish in the middle of the day. The fish weighed 33 pounds and was 42' in length.
    Nice one.Congrats!!!
    Citation Fish
    Citation means that Anglers who catch trophy-sized fish that do not quality for a state record can have their fishing feats officially recognized by the Commission through the N.C. Angler Recognition Program.
    I know in West Va. It takes a 4lb Small mouth to get a citation which means your name will be entered in a record Book and you will receive a frameable certificate. I know what your thinking Bearice lol Whats so special about a 30lb Flathead but very few people catch Fish like this often and therefore, They Pay a Small fee to get the citation certificate....It's really just bragging rights to your Friends lol I have never worried with such a Certificate but if I ever catch a 4 lb Small mouth, I would lol..

    BTW, The Hunting and Fishing list the Citation Requirements each year in the regulations.