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  • Tall Guys and their Bows? -Got measured.

    The nitty gritty: rnANY TALL GUYS here who can share their height, wingspan, what bow they use, and their draw length?rnrnThe long story:rnI don't own a bow, but am interested in getting one in the next year or two. (it's a long time, but budgets are tough!).rnrnI'm 6'4' and have a big ol' wingspan. I think I was measured at 80+ inches at the Dixie Classic this past spring.rnrnI like to say they came up with 33 or 35' as my draw length. (I forget which archery place measured me. It was the first archery place to the right if you came in the main building, it was in the corner.rnrnThey had a bow that was 35' axle2axle that they figured would work.rnrnI'm more interested in a used setup from someone who is upgrading.
    draw length
    If I remember correctly - to figure your draw length you measure your wingspan and then divid by 2.5 - I have a 72' wing span and divided by 2.5 comes to 28.80 and I pull a 29' draw length.
    A friend of mine (part gorilla lol) has a 33' draw length and he has been looking for a Matthews Z9 to upgrade to. He has the same issue that you are or will run into - most bows seem to max out at 30' or 31' draw lengths. My guess is that it you'll be hard pressed to find a used bow with that draw length but if you do - jump on it. Some of these other archery veterans may be able to give you some better guidance.
    Hey Man, How's it going?...For anyone the Draw Length is the distance from the nock point to the throat of the grip plus 1 3/4'.Typically, this length will also be about the same length of arrow needed for your Bow. I have never seen arrows longer than 31 inches and I used to help my Friend in a Bow shot...I have seen custom cedar arrows for Tall Recurve,Stick and longbow shooters but that's it...Anyway... To measure your draw length yourself, You can stand with your back to a wall stretching your arms out against the wall. Measure the distance from the end of your middle finger to the end of your other middle finger and have a friend mark it, It's basically the length of both arms, hands and chest. This measurement, minus 15 then divided by 2, is your draw length. or divided by 2.5 as Justin stated.
    I would advise to resist the temptation to make your draw length longer than it should be, as this will greatly affect your accuracy.
    Your wingspan typically is the same as your height in inches. So your height in inches minus 15 and then divided by 2 will be your draw length, or at least a very good starting point. Also...Will you be using a string loop? If So,since the draw length is the distance from the nock point to the throat of the grip plus 1 3/4', adding a string loop cannot change the bow's draw length. BUT, it will change your anchor point moving it back 1/2' to 3/4' depending on the Loop size. This Loop will make it feel like your draw length is longer. If you want your same anchor point, then you will need to shorten the bow's draw length by about a 1/2' to move your anchor point back up to your preference.You can do this on some Bow cams I believe.
    Also, What Draw weight have you decided on?
    Draw Weight is the peak amount of weight you will pull while drawing your bow. With a traditional bow, the draw weight continues to increase as the bow is drawn and you hold that weight. But A compound bow will increase to the peak weight, and then drop in weight to the holding weight. The holding weight is typically 20-30% of the peak weight. So a 60# compound bow will only hit 60# for a period in the draw cycle, and then will drop down to perhaps a 15# holding weight at anchor.I call this a 'Valley' This allows you to hold on target much longer than a traditional bow, when you would be holding the full 60#s. High performance bows will stay at this peak weight longer during the draw cycle thus storing more energy but typically creating a harsher draw cycle. Today's Bows have aggressive Cams and if you even relax, I have had mine go without me so to speak lol...I call this 'creeping' Also keep brace height in mind..You want a Long Brace height to have a forgiving Bow that you will love shooting. I remember when the PSE Baby G came out a Loong time ago that I just had to have!! LOL...I HATED HATED HATED THAT THING!!! lol Since then parallel limbs have become the craze but do your homework because 1 good String Slap on your forearm will come to mind each time you draw for a while and that will affect your focus and concentration...You could just get a crossbow and make it simple LOL........Good Luck Buddy and Hope you like your SPURSUADER Turkey call.
    Hey I've been reading all the comments and you have some good info there. As far as big man....I think of! If you're talking orangutan arms then you're with! I'm 6'-3' 185lbs.

    I've been shooting a Hoyt bow for 6 years now that is set to a 29 inch draw length, 70 lbs. draw weight, and I shoot 28.5 inch arrows. The bow is 35 inches axle to axle. (this is in your favor).I use a Tru Ball release and have a 'D' loop on my string as GT mentioned. The one thing he didn't say ...or I missed it, is if you have a bow set at your draw length and you are using an adjustable release (as the TRUball release I use is) you can fine adjust your anchor point. Probably the best measurement for your anchor point is when at full draw, your thumb knuckle should be sitting right in the hole at the base of your ear lobe and the string should be splitter the center of your nose. If you are at the wall or the full limit of your back draw, all these things should line up. If you can still pull back further (your draw length is too long) If you can't get to this anchor then too short.

    Hope all this advise from the guys helps. The thing to your advantage with size is, longer axle to axle bows are more forgiving with regards to accuracy. You'll typically shoot a longer arrow which will compromise some speed but increase accuracy at long distances. Look for a bow with a 'brace height' under 7 1/4'.....this will make up for speed loss shooting longer arrows!
    You can read all this info and try to figure it out but i suggest find a good bow shop an go to them an they will help you with everything. that's the easiest way just be upfront on how much money your wanting to spend.
    Bearice and Viper bring up Good points...

    Bearice makes a good point because you stated your interest in a 'Used Bow'..What works for someone else might be the complete opposite of what you need for your Build and that's where a Bow shop can help..Even if you don't Buy a New Bow, You will get a Better Idea of what you do need so you wont buy something you can't get to Fit 'You'...I mentioned me helping a friend in his shop before and you would be surprised at the people out there flinging arrows amongst us LOL..Even seen 1 Guy shooting a Right handed Bow...left handed...Don't ask me how but he could even hit decent with it lol

    Viper mentioned release aids and there are as many of those as they are Bows it seems..some you can adjust to fit you and some are Fixed and that's where you will have to have 'Your' Bow or like Viper said...It will be too long or too short...You should be able to close your eyes and anchor and when you ease your eyes open...You should see your target without adjusting you head or anything..It will be a Form that you make a habit of knowing when it's right...Once it's 'Right' you will know because it will feel like a part of you and each shot will be like fluid motion and when The moment of truth comes, You will know your equipment and it's capabilities...Sorry if it's confusing but in all honesty, It can be lol but you will get it....I know you will.
    As GT said complicated and confusing. That is until you get it all dialed in.....then it's the most rewarding and exciting way to hunt.

    I guess that's why I love bow hunting.....the challenge!
    78.5' wingspan
    I just measured myself and got a 78.5' wingspan, with my back to the wall. That comes out to a 31.4 to 31.75' draw length...

    I appreciate the comment about going to a bow shop. However, I don't want to 'use' a person or his business when not intending to buy new from his shop. I would love the advice of a professional. I just know that I can't afford to go new, or 'whole hog' with it right away.

    Maybe there is someone you'd recommend for me to see? I live in Beaufort Co., but get to Raleigh somewhat regularly, and probably have some opportunities to get out to the Piedmont and Asheville later this summer.
    Hawkman - w/ a 78.5' wingspan I'd forget thr bow and just buy a spear. lol jk
    I don't know anyone in Beaufort but you can go to Dicks or some place like that - those guys get paid by the hour so they don't care.
    Bow length
    Buddy you should be OK with a 31 Inch Draw Bow...Might have to tweak it back to 29.5 or 30 because of arrow lengths that are available But I hope you find what your looking for. Like Justin said, Your NOT really Using anyone, Most Guys in a Bow shop enjoy what they do....I need you to Come By the Next NWTF Banquet and let me 'USE' Your wingspan on the Wingspan Ticket Pull lol....I might actually win something with ALL Those tickets lol
    used bows
    if its a good bow shop they should have a nice selection of used bows for sell that people have traded in for newer models. plus its a good idea to have a good relationship with a bow shop cause you will need them unless u buy everything to do it all from your house.
    I am 6'2', 270 lbs with a 31' draw length. My bow is Hoyt Katera XL is set at 30 without my d loop. So with the loop I am right there. I know the pro shop I usually goes to has a nice selection of used bows. A lot of them are practically new but a lot of marines try to sell their stuff before being deployed. They also have a place to try them out. I wouldn't buy anything without shooting it first. The bow needs to fit you not the opposite...Good luck!!
    Got measured
    I stopped by Warren's Sports in Washington, NC this past weekend, just to have a look-see. The owner was making a bow string at the back, and gave me some advice on bows. He guessed me to be about a 29' draw. I told him that my measurements put me at a 31+...

    I picked up a recurve he had with a graduated 'arrow' in it to measure draw length. He suggested that I don't lock my elbow of the arm holding the bow, etc., and bam - 29' draw, give or take.

    That was pretty cool. It felt comfortable when I tried out a bow on the rack w/ a 29' draw.

    Maybe it won't be hard at all for me to find one I like....

    A used Bear Marauder maybe? :)