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  • DCB

    Where's all the fishin' pics? Did ya catch much at the coast? Hope you and your family had a great time at the coast and enjoyed that ball game.
    Me and my crew are going on a 5day cruise next week. We're leavin' Bahama (Bah-hey-mah) Thursday for the Bahamas - leavin' out of Charleston. Ain't none of us really ever gone anywhere before and ain't really got the money but we're sayin the heck with it. It oughta be fun - we're lookin forward to gettin away. It'll probably be like those redneck vacations I see on tv. lol
    Hope you and your family have a fun safe trip Justintime.
    Hey man thanks for asking....

    We had a great time in Atlanta and a great week at the beach. The highlight of the Braves games was catching a foul ball. I have never been to a professional baseball game and before the 1st inning was over I had my first foul ball so I thought that was really cool...The Braves winded up losing but that was ok....still a good game and they came back to only lose by one. I did see 4 homers too so that was cool. We also went to the Georgia Aquarium with is the largest in the US and the World of Coke which was awesome as well. We ate at the Hard Rock in Downtown on Saturday night which was awesome. The cab fare where not cheap though lol...they were $16 a pop one way....but we had a good time anyway..

    When we got home from Atlanta on Sunday, I did not go on to the beach b/c of damage from the big storms that had blown thru. Lots of trees and limbs down everywhere and we didn't get power back till Monday sometime. Anyway, I finally got down to the beach Monday evening. For the most part the fishing SUCKED all week. It was rough and the water was muddy from the storms. I did gig my biggest flounder wade gigging...I have gigged bigger off a boat but not wading...He was 18.5' long and he sure was delicious lol. Pretty much the rest of the week we played on the beach and in the sound, ate, ate, ate, played games, went back and forth to Lowes several times(Never Gets Old)lol. We had a really great time and we were all there together for almost the whole week so that made for a good vacation even if the fishing sucked....Of course now that we are back the water has cleared up and I have already seen somereports where some Spanish have moved in....go figure

    So you are going on a cruise....I love CRUISES!! You just can't beat it for the $$$. That is nice that yall are leaving out of Charleston. We have went out of Port Canaveral in FL and that is a longggggggggggg teribbleeeeeeeeeeeee drive. As a matter of fact we are going on a 3 day/4 night one next month before my wife starts back to school. Unfortunately all the cruises out of Charleston are at least 5 days long so......we have to make that god awful drive again. We could fly but me nor my wife have ever flown and yes I am a chicken when it comes to flying. Plus it is just to expensive. Believe me...Yall will have a blast...What Cruiseline are you going on??
    Thanx Diane & DCB - we're lookin' forward to it. Just 10 more days - yeah!
    DCB - That's awesome that you got that foul ball - I bet it was hot as Hades at the game. Well sorry the fishing wasn't that great but sounds like y'all had a goodtime and that's a real nice lookin' flounder. Looks like Mr. Cam was enjoying himself - with him in the wagon I'm guessing that made you his chauffeur. lol
    Great trip
    Sounds like you had a great vacation DCB.Good to hear.I have never caught a flounder myself,maybe someday,lol.Glad you had a nice week with the family.
    Thanks D!! Well if you are ever going to be around the Topsail Island area let me know and I will get you on a flounder...They sure are good eating lol..