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  • Gar Fishing

    Anybody have any tips on how to catch Gar? I have made several rope lures, tried bread, minnows and chicken livers. I have basically gone through my tackle box. They follow the lures in but never commit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    My best tip for catching gar is fishing the Wateree River for any species! I've only targeted them with the nylon rope lure, but I catch plenty while bream fishing with live bait or small spinners. The Wateree River is loaded with gar.
    The have to agree with Brian Cope. The only gar Ive caught recently was a few months ago in Clouds Creek, off Lake Murray.

    I was hoping for some large brim that day and was tossing the following lure:

    #0 Beetle Spin w/ chartreuse jig head and white twist tail combination.

    I was fishing into fallen timber at the edge of a small cove. This approach has gotten me a number of good brim this season. After a few casts into the area I hung the lure on something. You don't hang up Beetle Spins very much and I blurted out 'Well, that sucks!'

    I was in my kayak and was pondering how best to approach the lure, when my line started to move off. This was no submerged log that had my lure - I had a fish on! I raised my rod tip and that was it; we're talking dead weight. The pull was strong and steady.

    A few seconds passed and the fish turned back across my bow. Another 20 yards on and it took the notion to yet again reverse. Through all this see-sawing, I had gotten in a good bit of line and the fish was fairly close. That's when I saw it: A large gar was turned broadside to me, with my Beetle Spin clamped tight in its teeth.

    Again I said, 'Well, that sucks!' - or something to that effect. Actually, it was probably worse, and MOST likely unsuitable for a family

    Now I was faced with a real situation: I had an irritable, toothy, armor plated fish on 4 lb test ultralight gear - and I was in a kayak. All I could think of was if my insurance was paid up. Weird things go through your mind at a time like that.

    But the fish decided things for me. It concluded, after much fishy thought I'm sure, that this puny human would no longer be needed. It gave a little quiver, a twist of the head and the Beetle Spin was released to a slack line. I reeled in the tattered lure while the beast turned its tail to me. I never saw it again and nary a a ripple marked the moment.

    'Well, that sucks!' was all I could think of to say. Like I said... weird.

    Try a chartreuse and white Beetle Spin.