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  • What are friends for??? Sometimes I wonder!!

    Just wanted to share a little trick that I'm sure some of you more experienced Archers have used but maybe not? I received a text message from a fellow poster a few minutes ago and even though I couldn't see him, I sensed he was crying lol as he wrote:

    (Him) Just lost a $11 Arrow in the low Grass and can't find it??

    (Me) Butter Knife!! Make zig zags in the Dirt with the Butter Knife and I assure you that you will find it. I've found lots of arrows this way and your going to be surprised at how shallow it snaked under the grass...Trust me

    (Him) He sends me the attached Picture and says 'For once I'm gonna listen to you lol'

    (Me) Of course you gotta have a idea of where it landed!

    (Him) All I heard was a Swish!!

    2 minutes Pass........

    (Him) FOUND IT!! (B____H- Not so nice 5 letter word) Thanks I owe ya 1

    (Me) Just say something Nice about me in a post for once.

    (Him) uhhhh NO!! lol

    I try to help anybody I can But I doubt this guy I consider a friend would even appreciate me pulling him from the Water on his 3rd time down LOL

    Anyway, Guys..When you make that not so perfect shot and a expensive arrow disappears in plain sight...Try the Old Butter Knife trick...I say butter Knife because a sharp knife could do just enough damage to a carbon arrow that could get you hurt the next time you shot it.
    Lol i saw the title an knew it was a GT post without seeing who posted it. i guess since i wouldn't pat u on the back u decided to do it yourself. anyways thanks for the trick to help me find MY arrow. there u happy now i put it in writing to where other people can see how wonderful you truly are lol . dang sensitive little fatboy. Go wipe your nose an cause it won't be but a second an I'm sure someone will hurt your feelings because your so misunderstood lol. Now. call me i got a question lol
    Yeah I heard my phone but couldn't see the contact through my tear filled eyes so give me a second would ya...please?
    3rd time down
    You know i probably wouldn't appreciate u pulling me up on my 3rd time cause true be known it was you that was pushing me under the water an holding me down to begin with lol
    Only once
    No I'm pretty sure that I would only pull ya up once so you could hear me laughing 1 last time LOL...BTW I just got a text from DCB that simply said...Brotherly love!!! LMBO