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  • nothing to do with nothing

    Another WV boy??????Suprised he's not reading 'Turkey Times' and texting,lol.J/K

    I know...get back in the kitchen,lol
    lol lol lol
    U mean that ain't him dang good thing i didn't comment on it when i saw it on Facebook lol
    HaHa, I have you guys know that this IS a West Va. Guy and he's my Uncle!!! His name is Mr. Ben Dover and He lives at lake Manigottapee and has been taking Crap off people in that area since he started his Plumbers Business in 2014. Pretty Good Guy (Like ALL West Virginia's are) Just don't shake his hand because......Well just Don't...Don't even bump knuckles with him or whatever that new Handshake is.

    I tell ya..Some people just have toooooo Much Time on their hands and Knuckles LMBO!!!!!!!!!!
    Lake Manigottapee
    I wonder how the fish taste in that lake? Salty? Probly a bunch of carp in there too!