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  • Floating the French Broad

    Well i have been trying to fish more places and hopefully find some new honey holes.I tried fishing french broad river from the bank with Gracie with no luck. So today I took my boat and floated the river..I had a little better luck,catching some brim and catfish.It got pretty hot today,and by 3:30 I was ready to call it quits.I had a fun day,I love being on the water and fishing.And its always fun trying new places.I still prefer Catwaba river though,lol.
    more pics
    few more pics
    One of my Fish? LOL That's Funny!! I bet you did get hot but not as Hot as we did on them Horse today lol..Had a Great Time..Hope yall did also. Is this river always Murky like this?

    Here's some Pics of Us in LOVE valley
    good pics
    Those are good pics.It looks like you had a great time.Thought u were gonna walk ur horse,lol.Its nice to get away and do something a little different every now and then ,with the family.
    The river is clearer where gracie and I fished.There are parts of it that looks like a big mud hole though.
    I would love to have been on that river or on them horses. Both look like a great time to me.
    I use to have a couple horses but after about 6 years of having them I decided that my neighbor's horses were the best kind. lol