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  • Hog Season Always Open

    With lawmakers working on ways to loosen hog hunting regulations even more, it can be easy for outdoorsmen to forget that hog season never ends in South Carolina.

    These big brutes are excellent on the table, and they extend big game hunting for sportsmen who like to tug on a trigger well past deer hunting season.

    There are different ways of hunting hogs--from running them with dogs to using bows--but one of the most popular ways is to sit in a deer stand over a food plot or baited area and wait for the hogs to show.

    This is a great time to put some bacon in the freezer, because with few hunters in the woods, the hogs are feeling very little pressure and are much more prone to being careless than they will be once the woods fill up with deer hunters in a few months.

    While common deer rifles are the norm for most hog hunters, shotguns loaded with buck shot are perfectly fine for taking these animals. And while it's always nice to harvest the biggest animal around, the pigs in the 100-200 lb range are typically the best for throwing a pig-picking. As Sumter's Marshall French puts it, targeting a pig that seems to stand about knee-high is a good way to pick out the best eating in the woods.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter