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  • Still Alive....!!!!

    Well folks....I'm still! I don't know but, maybe getting the remodel job in Wilkesboro was a blessing in disguise. I have been so busy I haven't had time ti turkey hunt. I have no computer access up there either so I only get to read everyone's reports and comment when I get home every couple of weeks.

    The season seems to have been hard on most everyone. Yesterday I was able to get out in the Harrell's area of Sampson county (for Gatorman). Right off the bat I heard a gobble 3 or 400m yards away. I set up and called and he answered. Within an hour he had closed the gap to about 150 yards. When I hear.....boom. The spursuader was doing the job....but for someone else.

    My alarm clock in the mountains has been a gobbler in the valley every morning....on private land....go figure. At least I can say I heard one or two this year. Good luck to all that are still trying. I'm headed back in the morning for another 2 week stretch.

    UPDATE: here's a picture of the SpeedPro arrows I shot this year. They do shoot 30 fps faster, I did shoot a deer at 62 yards with them this year....Buuuut!!! I won't be shooting them next year.

    I got the bow out Tuesday because I haven't shot in a while. First arrow out of the quiver...with a broadhead on it. I drew back...took aim....and it blew up on the string on releasse! The shaft almost made it to the target. A fletching was laying at my feet with a piece of shaft on it and the back of the arrow with the nok and piece of fletch was 50 feet behind me. That was the piece that hit me on my braclet and bruised my wrist. It was a 'paracord' braclet (super strong) and saved me a trip to the hospital. It may have been just a small fracture on the shaft from stacking arrows....who knows but, I wouldn't shoot the other ones if you paid me. Live and learn! Just thought I should be responsible and share this!
    Glad you didn't get hurt man...There have been some crazy freak accident as a result of arrows blowing up so your are lucky....So far I have been happy with my GT's...I think they are by far the toughest arrows I have used so far...Anyway, I hope you are doing good man...
    Gold Tip Arrows can't go wrong with Gold Tip. I shot those for 3 years before I bought these Speed Pro's to get more speed. Speed isn't worth getting hurt! I'm back to Gold Tip this coming year!

    I saw the pig your dad got....nice. Back to the mountains for I can hear that dang Gobbler every! Oh the owners dog came up with a turkey egg in it's mouth one day. That's the closest to a turkey I got all year!