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  • Opening Day Bow Kill

    I had got setup in my groundblind in the field at 5 pm. I was calling every about every 15 minutes. There is a dusting bowl on the edge of the field so I know they frequent the area. I killed him at 7:20 pm. A few minutes before when I was cutting on the slate call, I heard a gobble over to my left and I just couldnt hardly believe it and wasnt expecting it cause I've never heard much gobbling in the evening but I know that when you do, there coming. And sure enough, thats how it happened. It was 2 gobblers together coming across the field to me from my left. From the time I heard the first gobble to when I shot him was probably 3 minutes. I picked out the biggest one and let the arrow fly! It was a 10 yd shot and I had about a 50 yd recovery. This was my first time hunting this property but I have scouted it. This is my 5th turkey ever and my 2nd with the bow! And it is also my first Opening Day bird!

    18 lb 12 oz
    10.5 inch beard
    1 inch and 1 1/8 inch spurs
    Alamance County, NC
    Congrats Buddy, Great P-B-P of a great hunt...I Wish all the 1s that Gobble in the Evenings DO come LOL...Oh Well, That's another hunt we get to enjoy when they don't...Congrats again
    Bow type?
    Great bird, great photo. Congrats.

    I would know if I was a bowhunter, but since I'm not, what kind of bow do you have?
    Thank you! My bow is a Hoyt Lazertec. I bought it brand new 6 years ago.
    Nice Turkey!!
    That was a awesome P by P man....I know your heart went from 0-100 in about.5 seconds lol....I will never forget my first with a bow. It is a huge accomplishment in my books!! Thanks for sharing and taking a good photo as well!!