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  • First Archery Tom----This birds for you GT

    Well I made the bold statement in March that I would kill a bird with the bow before picking up my gun this year...... It has been a long 5 days. Since Saturday I have had 7 toms and 5 jakes within .410 range, and only got drawn back once on Sunday morning which ended in a small amount of putting ;)
    This boy was out with a hen this afternoon preening and I saw an opportunity. I crawled for about 20 minutes to slip within 20 yards in super tight woods. I got between the tom and his lady, which proved his demise.
    I called one short light sequence with the diaphragm and he slipped into a 12 inch shooting lane. I let it fly and the shot locked him down with a spine hit right over the drumsticks.

    I was shooting Muzzys out of my Diamond compound on the ground with no blind. One of the more exciting hunts I've had in a while. 10' Beard and 1 1/8' Spurs

    For anyone who is tired of knockin' heads at 50 yards with the gun. Get out there and do it with the bow. It takes a lot more time and patience, but the payoff is sweet.

    Hey GT..... does the first NC archery Tom posted get one of those sweet Spursuaders? HAHA...jk
    NICE Gobbler
    Thats a nice one.Big spurs.Everybodys catching on,those calls GT makes are bringing in several birds this year.I suggest everyboby order one.They have brought some nice ones in for first time hunters like myself too.Congrats on a great bird.
    Congrats buddy! That's a nice bird and quite an accomplishment with a bow. Well done - go get another one. :)
    Nice One!!
    Congrats AppMtnHntr!! You are definitely right about the Challenge of taking one with a bow...I will never forget my first with a bow...Congrats again and good luck tagging out!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Great Job Buddy and awesome Gobbler!!! Thanks for sharing. I believe Hunt0183 was the First archery Gobbler this year but really any Gobbler taken with a Bow is impressive..I have hard enough time busting 1 in the head with a Scatter Gun LOL...Congrats