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  • Funny Turkey Encounter

    So this morning before I go to work I was dropping my son off. Down the road about 300 yards it looked like there was a barrell in the middle of the road. My curiosity kicked in so I had to investigate. As I got closer it started to move but I thought the wind might just be blowing it across the road. Well I was wrong....I got about 100 yards away before I realized it was a Big Ol'e Tom strutting his stuff for the ladies on the other side of the road. I snapped a pic of him on the shoulder and then of him in the field. I have seen them cross before but I have never seen one dead still strutting back and forth in the road... Of course I went to run him off so He didn't end up in a windshield like some other birds have recently. Anyway I just thought it was pretty funny and I hope He sticks around till next week because he is a goodun!!
    Nice one
    That is a nice gobbler .Funny,you saved his life so you could get him next week,lol.At least when you get him you'll get to eat him and he won't be lying in the road.I hope you do get him,good luck.
    You need to have the State put up a Turkey crossing sign. lol
    Hope you get him.
    Yep Diane that was my plan....I will keep him nice and safe until next week and then I will bring him to the dinner table lol....

    That is funny Justintime!! I just might have to do that...I will not be able to hunt him Saturday but maybe next week lol.....