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  • Which battery for trolling motor?

    I recently bought a Minn Kota Endura trolling motor and now I'm looking to buy a marine battery to power it. Can anyone tell me which group size to buy (I have no idea what group size means)? The motor is a 30# thrust. I'm planning on buying it from Walmart, so here are my options apparently:
    Group Size
    Your battery’s group number is determined by the size and shape of the space they fit into. The capacity you need is determined by the loads on the system, and the capacity of the battery is determined by its CCA,MCA and reserve capacity and Dont confuse these 2...CCA is Cold cranking Amps and MCA is Marine Craking Amps..Sure you can Run you 30lb Motor with any battery (Like I do LOL) but it will be the Death of the battery in a short time! But if all your going to Run is your Trolling motor, Any 24 Group battery in my opinion would be fine...It's when you depend on your battery for several things Like Cranking,Pumps, Lights ETC is where you really need to do your Homework........Deep cycle is mandatory in my opinion for any Trolling, A regular starting battery might seem to work pretty well at first, but you will kill it after a few cycles.....Trolling puts a very heavy load on a battery. You can go with something smaller, but in general a 60lb battery will have more than twice the energy as a 30lb battery. Now here is the catch... even a deep cycle battery will be killed pretty fast (ruined, unable to hold a good charge again) if you run it completely dead all of the time. Use too small of a battery, and you will probably end up replacing it frequently. My advice is to stick with a group 24 size battery, which will weigh 50-60lbs, unless you expect to only use the trolling motor at half speed or less for an hour or less, in which case you could get by with a smaller battery. For example I'm sure you know that trolling on High Speeds all Day will make you have a Shprter Day then if you ran it on a lower Speed......Make Sense?
    Also when buying your batteries,And if walmart has what your looking for. They guarantee their batteries for 1 year. If you ruin your battery they'll replace it. I havent had to buy a battery in 5 years because they keep going bad before I get to a Full year LOL. And when they replace it the warrenty starts over. Pretty Cool and hassle free most of the time..just keep your dated reciept. Hope I didn't confuse ya and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
    Thank you so much for all that awesome info. I just got back from Walmart and think I picked up the right thing. I am attaching a picture below that shows all the information.
    Great choice
    Your Welcome Buddy and that's a Great Battery...Should be more than enough for the trolling motor you described...Remember keep you receipt and next year around this time if your having ANY issues at all, Have them replace it...I haven't had any issues yet with replacements but then again, I go to Walmart so much, We are on First Name basis LOL..Good luck

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