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  • Camping World makes anti-hunting move

    Camping World has pulled their advertising from Celebrity Apprentice based on Trump's sons recent LEGAL hunt in Africa. CW asserts it was unethical and illegal and they took endangered species.

    Email sent Camping World from another forum:

    Dear Camping World Leadership...
    I just heard you have made the decision to stop sponsoring a TV show (Celebrity Apprentice) because the star of the show has a grown son that legally hunted game in Africa and furthermore your company is spreading blatant untruths that the game was endangered. Your fact finding efforts before making your decision is appalling and unprofessional. Your company has made a ridiculous and detrimental decision. So therefore you have made your stance, we will be making ours. From now on, I nor none of my family will be patronizing your establishments, nor your online stores. As a matter of fact I am an RV'er also and club member of several RV organizations with thousands of members, (one of which is the Good Sam Club among others). My fellow sportsmen and RV'ers plan on communicating your actions over many websites and spread the word over the internet. Your company not supporting sportsman, is a decision not to support the very group that is responsible for the best wildlife recovery and wildlife habitat success story the world has ever known. I sincerely hope your leadership will reconsider their hasty decision and publicly offer a formal apology. That is the only way your company will ever get it's respect and good name back. Think about it. Do you really want to wear this kind of distasteful reputation with the public ?

    Link if you wish to comment to CW:
    My only Comment would be....Does Donald Trump really need any sponsor Help with anything??? If the hunt was indeed a legal Hunt, Then what's the problem Here? Sportsman are bashed at every turn, You don't have to be a Multi-Billionaires Son either!!!! If it was you or I, Do you really think anybody else would care?

    Thanks for the Link for those that care for the Drama