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  • large mouth bass

    Caught fish Kernersville lake park .caught by Rodney Lane on Thursday March 8 2012
    That is a pig of a fish - thanx for sharing the pics - that's awesome. How much did it weigh?
    Does he have a fishing time machine? JK JK - think you meant March not May. :)
    Very Nice
    Very Nice bass....congrats! I'd give him 8 pounds all day long.

    March and April are one of the best times of the year to catch Hogs. The female are putting on the pounds in preperation for the bedding season which hits late April early May in the eastern part of the state. Most of the pigs on may wall were caught during that time.

    Bottom right bass is 8.5 pounds!
    Nice bass
    Nice bass!! I would say Close to 8 Myself but Not Much over that, Long and slim without the Football Belly but Nice bass any day!!! By the coloration of it, Looks like it's been spending alot of time in Shallow Water
    Nice bass .Thanks for sharing.
    Great Bass man!!! I just finished putting new line on all my stuff and getting my boat ready....needless to say I'm ready to wet a hook!! Thanks for sharing!!