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  • Scent Lok

    Ok here it is: The Scent-Lok test, Vertigo Tan vs Realtree AP.

    Both suits are Scent-lok Savanna EXT. I think I'm gonna love this Vertigo Tan. Keep in mind the Realtree AP, (the darker suit) is 4 years old and is faded from many, many washes!
    More Proof
    Here's more proof!
    well then
    I guess the tan speak for it's self in ur neck of the woods.
    Dang man, You went all out Huh? LOL...Like I stated in my post as well...The Vertigo Tan in is awesome late season in a Tree-Stand..Glad I Bought it now and at 24.99 Each or whatever is was, Who wouldn't?..I needed some New camo anyway. You Pics prove the Blob Theory!! That's why I LOVE Mossy Oak Obsession for Turkey Season..I was Just telling Bearice Today that there wasn't NOTHING wrong with My other turkey Gun, I just wanted a New Auto in Mossy Oak Obsession and with the Junk and Scrap metal I picked up, The way I look at it is...I Got a FREE Turkey gun LOL...I will say 1 Thing...That freakin Scent-Lok Head Cover gets HOT!!!! LOL
    Where's it $24.99?
    Hey GT, where'd you see it for $24.99, I want some.

    Viper, thanks for showing us this! You've got me sold on it! When comparing it to the AP, you stand out like a sore thumb in the AP! I agree with GT, this would be perfect for late bow season and early rifle season in a tree, especially where I hunt!
    NCbowhunter20...It was Mid Archery season this year at it was at Our Bass Pro in Concord...Was 1 of those early Morning Deals...Your Choice $24.99 Each in Savannah EXT...I got me a Outfit of Vertigo Tan..Pants,Mock Tee,Jacket and facemask...I also Bought me a new AP Outfit that day...I texted and Tried to Call Viper because I knew he said he needed a new Outfit but I was well on my way home when he Called me back (Sorry Viper)...That place was a mad House that Morning with alot of EBAY sellers I guess just taking whole Racks regardless of Size LOL...And Yeah the Vertigo Tan is AWESOME in a tree late Season.
    Mine was free....well kind of. I helped my buddy and his wife by putting together an outdoor jungle gym, swing set thingy for little Rylie.

    I figured it would take 3 or 4 hours and 25 hours later it was mostly put together. I finished it up at mid-night on Christmas Eve.

    Tim and Ashley surprised me by buying the suit for me. I think they got pants and jacket for 79.00 after Christmas at Gander Mountain.

    Anybody need a swing put together....I need some of those Avian decoys!
    Realtree AP
    I have Mossy Oak Treestand Scentlok but everything else is Realtree AP. What you are saying is Realtree AP is way darker than any Realtree I have ever had. It looks more like Mossy Oak in the pic. You must have wore it out over the!!The shirt in this pic is about 4 years old and it is Realtree AP....

    My Dad just got the Vertigo Tan suit a few weeks ago and it does look awesome though!!
    DCB....the pants are really noticeably faded compared to the jacket which makes them lighter but, they're still dark compared to the Vertigo Tan. Here's the Jacket of both side by side.
    That suit in the pic above is mossy oak break up not realtree
    Yep Thats break Up
    Yeah Viper That is Mossy Oak Break Up..DCB Texted me and told me it looked awful Dark and I then told him it looked more like Break Up but you had have had it for a while. Look 6 inches above the Scent-lok Name and you can see the Mossy Oak LOGO.
    My Bad! LOL!
    MY BAD LOL!!!!!

    Well now here we are. You guys are right the comparison photos are scent-lok mossy oak.

    I found my Under Armor and it is realtree AP. Realtree AP and Mossy Oak are very close with the AP being a little lighter in color tone. Vertigo Tan is still superior for blending because of the use of large color patches.

    This is turning into the 'Rusty Barrel Test'!
    Vertigo Tan
    Yeah Viper....I think that Vertigo Tan looks awesome...
    Veritgo Tan
    I really like the Veritgo Tan pattern - I think that Scent-Lok has a sister company with the same patterns but cheaper because they are not the carbon material. There are a lot of discussions out there about the carbon materials being a gimmick because you can't reactivate the carbon.
    I not an expert on it either way but like I said there are several discussions on it.
    At any rate, I have always felt like a green blob in a tree w/ my camo - I'd like to get some clothing w/ the Veritgo Tan pattern.
    Scent Lok
    justintime, I used to think that way and still do a little but I know this...I sweat like a Pig during Bow Season and even with this Suit being Warmer, I have yet to smell my arm Pits like I have in the Past with regular Camo and Like I said..For what I paid for the New Savannah Outfits, I would have spent on regular camo!! Seems like Viper shared a Story with me in Camp about how he left something in the Container with his and he thought he Goofed it up but I can't remember what he said it was? Thiers Pros and Cons in Everything...My Pants tag was $99.99 Mock tee $79.99 Jacket $109.99 and facemask $39.99 I think it was and I got it all for $24.99 Each or I still wouldn't have it LOL...I might carry Mine before Green Up and Climb into my stand that is naked now just to see what it Does look like...Stay Posted!!
    Hey Justintime....the carbon is reactivated by using a high heat setting when you dry it after washing.

    I've had the original suit for 4 years and I swear by it for scent containment. There are other manufacturers out there now like scent blocker that make similar suits.

    I can go straight from work without a scent shower, throw this thing on and be 90% scent free.
    Number one key thing is playing the wind, scent control is number two. You'd be surprised the scent you can leave on the ground, doing everything right with just the bottom of your rubber boots.

    I had 2 foxes in late season this year come bounding through my set up with me 30 feet up a pine. I watched them come from 70 yards and when they crossed my walk in trail.....they smelled something my boots left and followed it right to my tree. I used to spray my boots with fox urine years ago....I think I need to start doing it again. You can't get rid of all scent so make it something strong enough it masks all other scents and is something all animals are use to!
    Yeah - I'm not knocking it either way 'cuz I really have no base reference not owning any scentlok but I have read those discussions on an archery forum. One thing that was mentioned was that the carbon in the clothes couldn't be reactivated because of 'fully absorbed VOC' but I have no idea what that means.
    Most of mine is just poor boy camo :) but I really like the Vertigo Tan pattern.
    BTW - The 'sister company' is Native Species but the prices I've just found don't look a lot different.
    Sounds like you (GT & especially Viper) got some good deals.