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  • Bear

    I know it took a while but here is the report for my '2011' bear kill even though it happened on the last day of season (1-2-12).

    Kill was in Linville Gorge Wilderness at home in Burke Co. We had run this same bear during two previous days of hunting but it hung the pack in the rocks both days. This day, we turned loose on the track and the bear went for a nosedive down into the gorge about 1000 ft in elevation so I hit the trail. I was running so fast I only hit the high spots as I broke down under the rim. I slowed up in a big hollar and brush starts to break in the laurels above me. The bear had done a figure eight on the dogs and came running down my throat. It winded me at first and broke out above me at around 80 yards. I let my BAR bark once and the bear didn't move. I had to have missed. So i centered up and put one right through both lungs and the crazy thing was still standing there. I sent one more downrange and the bear started breaking brush coming towards me when I lost sight of it.

    So I stood my ground and it rolled out at about 2 yards from me. I shot twice more, both hits, and the whole ordeal was over. After I tied the dogs back, I noticed that my gun was hanging wide open and empty.

    Good thing I didn't need one last shot.....

    The bear was above average for the area at 250lbs. Not the biggest in the woods, but plenty big enough for me to get pumped about. As far as the number of hits the thing took (4 in center mass), I have witnessed 500 pound bears drop at the first shot, and I have seen 200 pounders take 5, so it all comes down to the toughness of each animal. And in case you didn't know, they are ONE TOUGH CRITTER !!

    Sorry for the pics, but a nice pretty digital camera doesn't mix well with these mountains, so the cell phone will have to work.

    Hope you enjoy the story, and for anyone who hasn't tried bear hunting over hounds......

    DO IT !!!!!!!
    Good story and a very nice bear.Sounds like you had one heck of a hunt.Congrats and thanks for sharing.
    Great Hunt
    Great hunt. Better late than never. Thanks for the play by play and congratulations! My first (and only) bear was behind my friends Plots. One shot with the 45/70 350 grain in the head and it was lights out!
    Thanks for sharing AppMtnHntr!! That was a great P by P!! I was fortunate enough to take my first black bear this past season. I also got him with a bow which made it even more awesome... I had never seen one around home, just heard stories. During one of my late November bowhunts, the bear I shot was the only animal I saw that evening. I will never forget it....I also didn't get the best pics. All I had was a crappy phone camera. Mine was not the biggest in the woods either. I was still proud of him though..
    Good lookin' bears there fellas. Bear is something I have never hunted (none around my area) but definitely on my 'bucket list'. ;)
    Great Job
    That was a AWESOME P-B-P AMH...Congrats!!! Like I always say...If you put the Effort In, That Effort will pay Off!!! And I know your glad you stuck with it!!