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  • Walking

    Went walking through my first piece of Game Land, saw lots of tracks, and a nice doe! Thinking about investing in a few game cams! Any ideas? Thinking it might be a good idea to secure them some how?
    Mini Cams
    The smaller the cams are the easier it seems to conceal them.
    I had 2 cams that were 'permanently borrowed' last year by someone that wondered onto our property. This past season I bought a couple of the universal pivoting brackets and with the assistance of a 6' ladder I mounted them about 9 or 10 foot high. Those cams were over corn piles but that strategy probably limits the range if you just wanna see what's moving through the area.
    Then there are the lock boxes that you can buy but if someone really wants the cam they can still get it.
    I don't have one but I really like the idea of the cams that are password protected. Someone still might get it but they couldn't use it unless they had your password.
    It's hard enough to keep folks off of our small piece of land & you have no control over who enters Game Land so anything you invest is subject to be gone when you return for it.
    Ya I know
    LOL! People just are worth trusting anymore kind of sad. So I went today and pulled my first bow in some time, wow have things changed :) Cant wait for a few more weeks and the wife says I can go get it :) Maybe I can come to your place and spend a day in the stand? :)
    Trail Cam
    Trail Cams have become an invaluable tool in the hunting world. However they are kinda pricey and people don't mind taking them off the tree. In you case the best thing to do is get you some small cams. Elevate 7-8 feet off the ground, and you probably want to go with a IR camera. I prefer a regular flash cam but if you are going to be using them on public land then you want them to be inconspicuous as possible. There are a lot of solid cams out there so just shop around and read your reviews...
    Need more leases
    Man I wouldn't mind if I had more space (or less hunters). Right now we've got 5 guys hunting (off & on) in a 40+ acre tract. Gets kinda crowded but they're all good friends (otherwise I'd send 'em home LOL).
    We've been trying to get leases on a couple tracts out here - one tract is 80ac & the other is 50ac. In both cases, the land is vacant & the owners live in town (they rarely ever come out here - inherited land) but they are reluctant to give a lease. Tried to let them know that there are people hunting (slipping) their land & at least this way they'd know who. That & other selling points hasn't got me the lease yet but I don't go away that easy - I'm gonna keep talking to them & try to build a relationship where they know they can trust me.
    If any of that pans out I'll let you know.
    Well good luck on the leases man....I tell you is is getting harder and harder to find hunting land. I am extrememly fortunate to have the places I do and not have to lease but I know one day I want be as fortunate...
    Yeah Man
    Sometimes I just don't understand but I try not to get frustrated w/ folks. I've offered contracts holding them harmless for any accidents/injuries, insurance, no vehicles in or out (park @ the road & walk in/out), maintenance, and of course cash (a little cash cuz I ain't no where near rich lol) but still no dice.
    I keep telling myself to stay patient & keep lookin' for an opening. ;)
    Yep...Sometimes it's like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are persistent, eventually something will pop up. Just keep trying man. I work with GIS all day and that has been an invaluable tool for finding places to hunt and fish. If you county has an online GIS site you should really use it.
    That's funny...
    I use GIS the better portion of the day and I love pulling up the topos & aerials of where I hunt. (in a work related fashion of course)
    Well if anyone wants to be a nice guy let me come on out and learn from the pros ;) Completely new to this and would love to learn from a more educated hunter