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  • Dixie Deer Classic

    Almost time folks. Can't wait to get to the Dixie Deer Classic tomorrow. Ralph and Vickie from Archers Choice are going to be there. I'm excited about that because they're Hoytaholic like me. Plus they have been doing hunting shows longer than anyone. Great couple with a GREAT SHOW.

    GT, Creek, Diane (the new moderator) and myself will be there along with the 'big staff' from NCS in the booth from 10 til 2. Can't wait to meet as many members from this site as we can. Hey....we might get GT to tell some of his funny hunting stories or teach us his calling techniques. Be sure to ask him to do his OWL's amazing!

    See you there!
    see ya there Viper.Looking forward to meeting the other moderators and everyone else.
    The Classic
    I passed through there today. I could not beleive all the nice racks that were showing on the first day.. Guys NC has some nice bucks. They get bigger and bigger every year. I am proud of the herd we have and can only imagine what the future holds for our hunts. I hate that I will miss meeting the great Moderators of this site. Wish you guys could have been there today. Maybe next year...enjoy
    YOu have got that right about the big deer man....Every year the bar gets raised higher for the quality of deer being brought it. It is exciting to think what the future may hold for us here in NC!! I was ther Friday and today. Had a freaking blast and spent today with the guys from NCS. Really some great guys and gal!!
    Tagone, Hate I missed ya...And Yeah...NC is starting to Shine with Great Bucks!!! I myself was really impressed with most of those Bucks!!! I have what I think are a few Decent Bucks Mounted but after seeing some of those, I was Like...Wow!! I would LOVE to Take a Buck like that!!