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  • Know The Rules

    Know the rules and laws about what you can legally do with Deer Parts...
    Not too long ago I started my home grown business here in Western NC making Camouflaged Lamps with Whitetail Deer Antlers. My first order of business was to get some Antlers. Most of the ones that I had were bleached white from being tacked up on the side of a shed for years, and others thrown under my work table had teeth marks from mice. As you can see, my own racks were almost useless.
    That left me with searching for other sources. I went on the Internet and found a handfull of places that sell Sheds by the pound, but every time I found some I liked they were already SOLD OUT. Then I had this brilliant idea that I would advertise to buy NC Sheds in the free classifieds that comes in our Electric Bill.
    One of the very first phone calls I got was from a NC Wildlife officer. He was very polite when he asked me if I knew that what I was doing was illegal. My answer was an honest 'NO'. He explained to me that in North Carolina you cannot buy or sell any part of Deer that was harvested in NC.
    Yikes! You can imagine my reaction. I thought I was in trouble. Fortunately the officer said if I stopped advertising for antlers he would not fine me due to the fact that I had NO idea about this rule. Anotherwords... I got lucky this time.
    Never one to break laws and/or rules, I had to suddenly re-think my business model. That's when I came up with the idea of only using the Antlers that customers themselves wanted on their Lamps.
    Thanks to a very nice and understanding Wildlife Officer I avoided a stiff fine, and I learned a hard lesson about starting a business. Before you open for business you must research-research-research and know the rules!
    Lesson learned.
    Welcome to the site.I checked out your website,you have some nice products.Its nice to see a new member from Western NC.Noticed you were from Mars Hill.I have a lot of family from there.Good luck and lots of success with your business.Looking forward to seeing a photo of your latest project.
    Hello TRD and Welcome to the site. I make necklaces from Turkey Spurs, Wing Bone Calls from Their Wings, Wind Chimes with Old Antlers, Fishing Line and Used Rifle Brass ETC and You was Told Right! It's Illegal to Sale ANY Part of a Wild Animal in The State of N.C. or My Little Ebay Deal would be Booming LOL but You Can Purchase Antlers,As well as a Ton Of Other such Items on Ebay and be in the Clear. I have seen Mounted Deer Heads,Turkeys,Fish ETC at Flea Markets, Craigslist,Pawn Shops, Yard Sales ETC, So Not sure How the law works with a deal like that? Different Rules for Different States I Guess...I'm like you, I'll make a Necklace ETC with the Persons own Product because It's Something I like to Do...Maybe the Law will Change some Day for Us but until then, Good Luck and If you don't know something, It's Cheaper to Do your Homework in the Long Run...Again Good Luck and COOL Stuff!!!
    Welcome to the site!! I myself was not aware of that rule either...fortunately He gave you break lol. Again welcome to the site and thanks for sharing this info!!
    Re: Know The Rules
    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and for the thumbs-up on my Lamps.

    Your lamp looks really cool man!!