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  • Grouse

    Went out for a freezing cold day of grouse hunting on Saturday. We went up to hunt off of the Parkway, but after 2 miles and the snow that piled up 3 inches while we were there, we came back off the mountain and went up into the Gorge where we heard some birds drumming during deer season. After about half a mile, my dog started hunting hard in a big blow down. I looked up on the side of the mountain and saw my dog break into point. Right then I saw the bird running from her on a big rock ledge. She repositioned one more time and locked down.I sent her on in and the bird flushed and flew straight out to me at 15 yards. One shot from the Benelli put him into the fryin' pan.

    We had a great day even though we had to deal with blinding snow and temps in the teens to start with.

    The other pic is of my dad from the bird he killed in January.
    Those are beautiful birds and a beautiful dog too.Sounds like you had a great time.Thanks for sharing.Love the photos.
    That's AWESOME and Beautiful Dog!!! Is your Dog pure German Shorthair Pointer? Congrats again and again...Beautiful Dog!!!
    Yeah GT she is a full bred Shorthair. She is deadly on Grouse, and a hammer on Quail. Best dog I've ever had.
    Pure Shorthair
    Well Buddy, You have a Beautiful Dog!!!I was Lucky enough to Hunt behind 'DUKE' here in the Pic and It was AWESOME..Sadly 'DUKE' Passed away during the summer but he Hunted a GREAT Life!!! We Plan on another Quail Hunt in a week or so but I know I'll be choking back Tears without 'Duke' in the Mix and he wasn't even my Dog....I'll tell ya 1 thing...Ole 'DUKE' would Hunt and If there was a Rock anywhere around, he would Find it LOL...He loved carrying Rocks around LOL...Once again, You have a Beautiful Dog...The fact that he Can and Will Hunt is Just a bonus!!!!
    More Pics of my Partner in Crime
    Just wanted to share a few more pics
    beautiful dog
    That is really a beautiful dog.
    Nice birds man and a beautiful dog.....I wish we could get the quail and grouse population up down here in the SE... I have seen some of both, they are just few and far between..Thanks for sharing!!

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