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  • Need some help

    I think my family and I are coming to Hilton Head in March and if i can get the ok from my wife I think I am going to turkey hunt while we are down there. I have a couple of questions in regards.
    1. Can you turkey hunt on a three day hunting liscense?
    2. Is there any public land around hilton head?
    Any help you guys can give a Indiana guy would be great. Thanks in advance.
    Miracle Six, even though I live in the Upstate, I spend time on HH. To answer your first question, yes you can hunt turkeys on a three day license, but you, 'must possess a valid set of turkey tags...' ( SCDNR Rules & Regulations p.37)
    To answer your second question, let me explain about your dates. You can not hunt public land in March. You can hunt turkeys- Game Zone 6 private land only, Mar.15-May 1. ( SCDNR Rules & Regulations p.29) You can only hunt turkeys in Game Zone 6 on public land from April 1- May 1. ( SCDNR Rules & Regulations p.37)
    I hope that I have answered your questions. Personally, I would suggest that you go fishing. Let me know, and I will give you the names of some of the captains that I use. Teach