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  • CrossBow

    I was wondering if I could get some advice. I'm in the market for a Crossbow and am completely confused on what to get. Seems that the PSE and TenPoint are the most expensive and Horton is entry level. Any thoughts on where to start??

    I would also consider buying a used crossbow if someone has one that's in excellent working condition and doesn't want an arm and a leg.

    Hello Jon, Check out the Parker Tornado!!! It's the 1 I got and I LOVE it!!! Read the reviews and I think you will be sold....To give you a Idea of this Crossbow...I Sold a $1500 TenPoint and Paid $650 out the Door and put the Rest in My Pocket...In My own opinion...Twice the Crossbow!!! Faster, lighter, Quieter, More Compact....Like i said, Google and Read the reviews...You can get a deal on Ebay Right Now on the NEW 2011 Closeouts...You won't be Sorry and No I'm Not a rep for Parker....Just a Ol Boy that has Been there and tried that!!! Parkers are Made in Virginia and are Great Folks...A Friend where I shoot jumped in his truck to let another Guy out of the parking lot and forgot his Crossbow was leaning against the wheel and SMASHED it completely!!! Sent it Back to Parker in a Box and 4 Days later received a BRAND New 1 with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! They have a Life Time Warranty and Stand Behind it...Unlike Mathews Bows where I lost a Half season 1 year waiting on a Stabilizer Bushing....That SUCKED!!!....You can see People shooting the Tornado on Youtube...They (Parker) have several but the Tornado speaks for itself!!!
    If your in No Hurry, Keep a Eye out on Ebay and Craigslist in the Next few Months...People Sale stuff crazy Cheap when a Deer is the Last thing on their Minds LOL

    P.S. I might be stepping in a pile here but Don't get a Barnett...They wont stay together!!!
    Listen to GT.....for the money Parker makes a great bow that is top notch. X-caliber has a no-cam bow that can't be beat and no cams means very little maintenance.
    Parker Bow
    Hey Guys! how have you all been? I just wanted to say i bought a Parker Wildfire Extreme Bow last year at a great price! I'm so happy with it, it's so lightweight,fast, and very quiet. Recently Parker came out with a youth crossbow that i have been looking at for Reese its called the The Challanger. Very lightweight and great for blindhunting.
    Doing Good Chevyman, Hope you guys are...Friend of mine has the same Parker you have and I was shocked at how Smooth and Quiet it is and the Price was great also...I'm seriously thinking about going back to a Compound Next Season and giving my New CrossBow to my Daughter...She shoots it Great!!! She done took over my Guitar so I guess the Crossbow wouldn't be a big deal LOL