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  • New to Boating...Get me Started!!

    First time user of the site, so i apologize if this is in the incorrect spot..moderators, please move if appropriate.

    Hi Guys, I am new to the area, and just got my first boat. a Sea Hunt Triton 172 with a 90 Yamaha. Man i love it. Im used to fresh water fishing, cat fishing which i love, and fishing the coast on foot.

    Now that i have a boat though, i would like some advice, charts, tips, etc. to make my two sons first experience a memorable one.

    I live in Kinston, but will travel pretty much anywhere in range to fish. Can any of you guys recommend some spots which have proven productive for game fish to take our new boat out to? Maybe what baits work best? Any advice would be great!

    Thanks in advance....

    Clifton Murphy
    Hello And WELCOME to the site, Congratulations on your New Boat and a Very Nice 1 at that...I'm thinking Kinston is around Lenoir which is a Far piece from me but if you ever make it Up around Davidson Co...We have High Rock lake that has Great Crappie,Bass,White-Bass Etc along with some of the BEST Cat-Fishing around these Parts. The Lake is Loaded with Flathead Catfish that Love to Fight!!! Live Bait is the preferred bait and Fish between 15 and 40 are Common. My personal Best on Rod&Reel is a 54 Pound Flathead and several between 45 and 50 as well...Badin Lake is also Close to High Rock and is Famous for the Monster Blue Cats as well as Great Striper Fishing year Round...Maps are available everywhere around here...The Crappie Fishing in Spring on High Rock seems to peak with the Blooming of Dog-Wood Trees but I have never tried Crappie Fishing at High Rock at anytime of the Year that wasn't FUN!!!

    Good Luck on your Future memories with your sons and again..Congrats on the NICE Rig!!!
    Hey man I am from your area and fish your area all the time. Let me know what kind of fish your looking and I will try and put you on them. Put in at Lawson's in New Bern and I can get you on good fresh water as well as striper red drum and trout from that landing.
    thanks goblintom!
    Thanks for the reply guys.. @ goblintom, Badin lake is close to home for me. I lived near badin lake growing up as a kid in the early 80' parents owned a bar up there called the wagon wheel and we fished badin allot and i was in scouting back then and we used to camp there allot. Seems i remember a rumor about 2 air force planes going down in the lake, and the divers seeing cats as big as volkswagons, LOL....

    Though that is a BIG drive for me, i do plan on getting up there for camping and fishing on one of the small islands on the lake when the weather warms back up....If i get up that way ill try and send ya a post and see if you cant show me some honey holes..
    Thanks Dchuntfish!
    Man that sounds great, New Bern is only about a 30 minute drive for us, thats perfect!

    I am planning on going this weekend, probably Sunday unless i can find a sitter for my 3 year old daughter.....The wife is a nurse and works third shift friday night, so she will be sleeping all day saturday. If i cant find a sitter, sunday after church ill head to the water.

    Ive never fished for striper, red drum or trout here. I hear striper prefer the middle of the day though when the water is at its warmest, and i hear rising or high tide is best as well, this true?

    Any bait ideas for striper and drum? Any good spots (gps coordinates work), any tips for finding them? Ive downloaded the GPS marine navigation apps for my smart phone, charged the batteries, got my saltwater license renewed...i think im ready lol...Maybe you wanna go? always good to meet a new fishing buddy...
    Good Luck
    No Problem Buddy and GOOD LUCK!!!!