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  • Indian Summer Great for Pond Bass

    75 degrees in the last full week of January is definitely unseasonable weather, and it was a great time for Larry Kirven of Sumter to get some fishing done in his farm ponds.

    Mr. Larry has 4 ponds, and because of the drought conditions, 3 of them have water levels so low, that the fish are dangerously close to being high and dry. Mr. Larry actually found a few dead bass today that appeared to have gotten stuck in small pockets of water that dried up, stranding the fish to await their fate.

    With a #4 Mepps Aglia Spinner, Mr. Larry and his wife caught 22 bass out of one of the ponds suffering from low water, and released them into the one pond that he keeps full with water from his well. 'It's just too expensive to pump water into all these ponds, but I can keep one full, move fish into it, then move them back into the other ponds when they fill back up,' Mr. Larry said.

    Brian Cope
    SC Sportsman Field Reporter