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  • need help with blue catfish

    Does anyone know where to catch blue cats near raleigh? i know jordan, the neuse, falls lake, and the cape fear has them. but none of those arent very productive for a shore fisherman like my self. i was thinking possibly crabtree creek. please tell me what you know. ive just been so bored lately scince the flatheads arent biting, and channels are to small to be any exitement to me
    plenty of cats here
    Might be a bit of a drive for ya, but we always have lots of action here on the Neuse river in Kinston, NC. I night fish, and typically get fish on the 8 to 20 pound range about as fast as i can chuck bait in the water.

    The choice of bait is the Key. You need to use freshly cut live eels. 4-5 inch hunks work wonders...I gave up on other cat baits long ago in favor of this miracle bait.

    Unfortunately, Neuse sport shop's supplier of eels cannot get them right now which is putting a hamper on my cat fishing..Maybe they will get some in soon..

    Anyway, good luck!