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  • place for active vet to hog hunt

    Hi I'm stationed on lejeune and I only took two deer this season. It wasn't because I wasn't trying, I'll. Tell you that lol. But anyways does anyone know where I can go to get a hog or two so I can have more meat in the freezers?
    T M hunting properties
    its gonna cost anywhere around here to kill a pig. tm huntiing properties is only like 2 hrs away and they have a ton of pigs. i went and killed a pig on a one day hunt. howd you not kill anymore deer than that in jacksonville? i hunt on base and i was passing deer daily. if you have your base license and need some help on some good spots let me know man. im on the air station but id be more than happy to show you around for next year if you are unfirmiliar to the areas. good luck with the pigs.