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  • Found my Buck I shot back in September

    I shot this buck on September 12th and I lost is blood trail in a Very Thick cutover. Never gave up the search and went back today and found him! Glad to fnally get the closure on this deer I named 'Double D'.
    WOW, You didn't share this heartbreaker with us did ya?I remember the trail cam pics but never knew you shot him....Was he in Velvet when you shot him? and 132? That can't be correct, That's a Great Buck!!! Wonder what happened to his skull to be missing so much? You ready for Spring Gobblers....Great buck Buddy congrats!!!
    Didn't share story
    No I didn't share the story of the hunt because I was so down about the whole hunt. I posted some trail cam pictures of him from the summer on here. I watched him all summer and he came in at 6:30 on Monday September 12th. I tracked him for about 200 yards and lost the blood trail. He went into a thick cutover that was hard to even walk through. The picture is very decieving. I promise that is the correct score.

    And yes, I am very ready to chase some longbeards!!
    He laid out there for over 3 months. He had a little bit of velvet on the bases of his horns. He was mostly hard-horned. The rack is still in good shape. No critters got to him.
    Brother we would have been here for ya with the Highs and Lows....My Buck last year where I hit a limb went 600 yards with a marginal shot but I got Lucky and found him the next day after work...That score floors me!!! He looks alot Bigger than 132 to me.
    MAN i am glad you found that BEAST. I would had been sick to...LOL
    Congrats man on a great buck.. I know you were ecstatic to find him!!