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    Coyotes have overrun our hunting land for the past 5-7 years. We were considering paying someone to trap coyotes for us but were told the best way to begin is to pay someone to train people in the club to trap, seemed expensive. Any recommendations on the best way to begin to trap these animals? I would love to try it but not sure where to start or if I have the time.
    I attended a seminar where Chris Sharpe, a former SCDNR employee and now of Natural Resource Specialties, said that the only way to control coyotes is to hire someone like him who will not only trap the coyotes, but teach you how to trap them and supply a complete trapping package.
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    Someone told me the cost for the training/traps was around $3000 or $3500 if I'm not mistaken, could be wrong about that. It may be the best route to go but our small club doesn't have that kind of money right now. Thanks
    The hardest part of trapping coyotes or any other critter is the time commitment. You have to be able to check your traps every morning, no matter what. Rain, snow, o degrees you have to get up and check those traps.If you know you can't tomorrow than you need to be able to go spring all your traps today, no matter what.
    If you can get by that first cryteria the learning is like anything. Once you've seen how to make a couple of basic sets trial and error will fine tune you. It's not hard, it's a process. You can see how to make some basic sets on you tube, just google Coyote Trapping. I have trapped all my life and enjoy teaching anyone who is interested how to trap correctly,legally and ethically. I keep an open invitation on my trap line to educate the young outdoorsmen so there is someone to manage the future wildlife with science and integrity.
    I'm in York County and if your willing to travel to me I would be glad to give you a couple of hour crash course. Which will be enough to get you catching coyotes.
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    Thanks for the info and the offer, I sent you an e-mail with some info.