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  • Coyote's

    Set 6 sets Saturday for coyotes.
    Caught one 57 pound male grey on Sunday and one 50 male black on Monday. Big animals!
    Pulled traps tuesday have to travel for work.
    Oh yeah 6 muskrats.
    Deer are getting scarce!
    Will try to make a dozen sets on dec 23
    Lets knock down these coyotes!
    What type of traps are you setting?
    Since I live in York County, the upstate. I use 13/4 leg trap. I could go bigger, but there are lots of houses in our county and since so many people ignore leash laws I take it upon myself to protect there pets as much as I can. It is rare I catch unintended targets, but if I do I want to do as little damage as possible. I also choose offset jaws for the same purpose. The smaller trap also lets me catch fox and coon with out damage. The 13/4 is by far my favorite leg trap. My 14 year old son is my partner and we have a dozen new traps to arrive today.